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500 - Server Error
I'm bumping the old thread since it's easier for me to do that than writing a new one. Sever error has occurred again, plus the site is t...
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Api Limit
Hello, I was fixing some of my Rihanna scrobbles then I got this message: “Error 29 : Rate Limit Exceded - Your IP has made too ma...
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Spam on my about me
I have changed my password and unlinked all my accounts and they still have access to my account and keep changing my bio and follows. ht...
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getTopTags getting wrong tags
I was using the API yesterday to collect the top tags for some artists and it was working ok.However, today something's wrong.According t...
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Mixed languages
The language of my page should be german but since a while I have a lot of not translated text on the page.
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