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New feature: Bookmarks
Hi everyone! Earlier this year we released an experimental bookmarking feature for subscribers to preview. Today we're happy to announ...
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play button in every list view
I rely like the new player, best feature since the start of the page in the early 2000s, however some pages does not allow me to play fro...
  • per_automatik, 3 years ago

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Photo of sirheo should delete abandoned accounts
I think should delete accounts that are abandoned for more than 6 years or doesn't have an email registered, because I have a rea...
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Music suggestion emails
How about music suggestions emails? I've forgotten existed just because I linked it to my spotify account but then never remember...
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Combine tags
Add the possibility to combine tags in tag search in order to display results only containing all the tags specified. Most of the times t...
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Library Filters
Hi! Maybe I'm blind, but I can't find convenient filters in my library. It's sad that I can't filter my favorite tracks, sort them by len...
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