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User API errors
Since yesterday, I'm getting errors with the user.gettopalbums API function..It makes an error: "Error retrieving data for user xxxx"With...
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Groups/Forums addition
Under this new 'ideas need to be voted for' trend, I thought I'd make this post. Hey, I have an idea for this site! Can you bring back t...
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Are groups coming back?
Where are the groups? The place where people met in shared interest after hard days work. The place where everybody knew your avatar and ...
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Website update - 1st August
Hi everyone, We just released Sprint 188. Here's what was in it: Features Improved feedback when shout actions error Restyled footer...
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Return of social features
Just wondering if there's any news about the return of some of the social features that made LFM such a great place. 1. Sharing songs? 2....
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