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album scrobbles
While songs are scrobbling, albums are not for me. On my profile it says "iamthecrime hasn't listened to any music in this period" under ...
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Free downloads?
Hi. I found some free downloads on awhile ago of some Japanese music I like. I would like to know if this music is truly free. Ho...
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Photo of snyde1 not working quite right
The status page is not loading completely for me. It loads up to the "Submissions" text, but the check next to that does not show. The so...
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listening trends
A new feature. Unannounced too as far as I can tell (so I'm announcing it for you). And quite good one as well; being able to see your ow...
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Black Tremor not scrobbling
Since the old fora are unavailable, I'd like to note that the artist "Black Tremor" still is not scrobbling, even on the new site. The la...
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