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username changing
Hi, I was wondering if username changing will be available on the new site? I do believe reading on the old forum that this feature was ...
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Profile picture shape
being able to decide if you want a square or round profile picture would be great the text at the bottom dissapears when it's round not t...
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different header pictures??
Why can't we have seperate header pictures?? and to be able to vote those up like we do with the main pictures? Because there is no way ...
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Website down
Error: An error occurred while processing your request.Reference status page says all is fine bu...
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Where are my friends?
Friends are missing in new site: when the new site launched (and I think it's generally not an improvement) some of my friends were no lo...
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Tracks aren't scrobbling to the site
Spotify suddenly stopped scrobbling. I disconnected and reconnected my account two times. Nothing. I also can't scrobble manually It ha...
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Problems Scrobbling
Hi everyone, we are aware that some people are experiencing difficulties with scrobbling.  Our engineers are currently investigating the ...
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migration ETA?
when will the migration be completed?  it's been a week now and my artist/song/library count is significantly incorrect. also, all scrobb...
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