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Spotify Scrobbling (Beta)
Hello everyone, We've created a new way to scrobble with Spotify. Instead of configuring each application or device separately, you now ...
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Spotify Beta player
Hi folks, A few months ago the method we were using for Spotify playback was deprecated, since then we've been working on a new versio...
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Loading player
I have been using lastfm on my LG smart TV web browser for years with no problems. Now, it wont play anything at all. I can access the si...
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Another love track bug
Not sure if this has been brought up before or if anyone even still gives a damn about it, but anyways ... If you love a track that is cu...
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Website update - 11th February
Hello, hello. We’ve just released Sprint 177, which includes the following: Redesigned masthead, that moves the logo into the playe...
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Website update - 16th December
Hi there, For the second release this week, we've got Sprint 174, here's what's in it: Features Restyled library pages, 50% less whites...
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