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username changing
Hi, I was wondering if username changing will be available on the new site? I do believe reading on the old forum that this feature was ...
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Cleared out all avatars
I don't know why, but all avatars except shoutbox ones are cleared out. Here it is some examples, from message box and excerpt of friend'...
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The ideas about shoutboxes
We get some useless imo features like answering and likes, which gives us feeling we are more in Facebook than But I have two ne...
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Can't delete comments
So, let's say, I generally like to delete comments(it's quite sarcasm, because, I do it only because I can't edit them, so I need to copy...
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Shouts on Articles
Hello, So today I read one of the articles that features at the bottom of the site for the first time, this one.  Thought it could be a...
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