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bugs in scrobblers+artists
I've been trying to delete artists who don't have scrobbles in my library for a few months and I can't, in addition to scrobble bugs, whe...
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Last year report
Why is the last year report still showing 2018?  Is it going to change to 2019 soon?
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Desktop Scrobbler is not scrobbling is showing the tracks as listening now, but when the track ends it disappearsI'm using WMP on Windows 10
  • WiktoRozrabiaka, 2 months ago

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New feature: Bookmarks
Hi everyone! Earlier this year we released an experimental bookmarking feature for subscribers to preview. Today we're happy to announ...
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Spam account
This seems to be a account created for spamming. This account only has 30 so scrobbles, account name is funeralKreator6's Is anyone gett...
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