#3 Thread of Revelation: Collection of information about missing features

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In this thread you can find information about missing features.

Please let me know if there is a feature I have missed or if any of the
information is inaccurate or out of date. I have not included the features
covered in the service disruption announcement.

*Thanks for all the input. Sorry for the delay. To keep the thread true
to its purpose, I will stick to posting about features that used to be on the
old site and new features that will be introduced. I will not be posting suggestions for features or bugs with features that have been reintroduced.

Time horizon

"Now that things have settled down after the big release we'll get back in to our two-weekly sprint cycle. This means you should see releases every fortnight. The next one will be around 10-14 days from now."

«[...]core features that impact the most users/subscribers [will be] prioritised first»

Some features are probably months away from being reintroduced:

I recommend reading this post for a better understanding of what is going on:

Features that will be re-introduced:

Profile page customization (choosing how many top artists are displayed etc.) [This seems to be somewhere between 'under consideration' and 'confirmed as coming back'. The first twitter link is positive, but the other links are more ambiguous.]

   - Event creation/editing should be back very soon:
    -In the meantime: Tip on how to change location:

User journals
    -Before service is restored, journals can be accessed from: www.last.fm/user/USERNAME/journals

User groups and connected forums
    -Can be accessed from (read only): http://www.last.fm/group/GROUPNAME

Taste-o-meter / user compatibility


Possibility of using streaming services other than spotify:

'Friends who listen to' and top listeners on artist pages

Artists/albums/tracks that you have scrobbled 0 times and tagged will appear in library (by design, the new site will not count artists/albums/tracks that you have scrobbled 0 times and added to the library. However, you can find the artists/albums/tracks you have added to your library with 0 scrobbles towards the end of your library)


Image voting and upload

Label pages

Adding/correcting youtube content
   -Related: Voting data on youtube videos has yet to be restored

Tag search + site with your tags

Average tracks scrobbled per day stat

More than 10 similar artists in ‘similar artists’ tab (I think it's safe to assume that this also applies to similar albums and tracks)

Access to more than 10 shouts

Artist and track catalogue correction

Auto-detection of inputting tags(?)

‘Free download’ section on tag pages

Weekly chart snapshots

API account creation

Changing time zone

Library - Sorting alphabetically and by tags

New releases from bands in your library

Music manager
   -In the previous thread I incorrectly wrote that the music manager was not coming back. My bad. It was actually just the old music manager that had been decommissioned:

Deleting artist/album/track from library

Flagging images

Info on the users you are following on home page


Notification of new follower

Ability to reset account (I'm assuming from the tweet it's on their to-do list)

Ability to delete messages in inbox

Page for weekly top tracks/hyped artists by genre/tag (the old “Charts” feature)

Muzu videos

General statement on library

New features that will be introduced:

Ability to change username:

Artist disambiguation

Updated "now scrobbling" track without having to refresh the page

Ability to scrobble more than one million tracks

Features under consideration:

Age, gender and nationality next to profile name
   -As a temporary fix, include "Age • Sex • Location" in 'Display name' in user settings.

'Artist - Track' instead of 'Track - Artist'

Flickr integration

Cover art in the "Recent Tracks played" section of user profile

Not coming back:

Old site

Subscriber perk: No ads even when logged out

Last.fm widgets and imagegen charts

Currently no information:

User profile

'About me' section with more than 200 characters + ability to use html/bbcode

Followers/followeds(?) who are "listening now"

Looking at scrobbles from the last 6 months

Event attendance

Recent Activity List

Link to ‘Home’ (Link to a website)

 ‘Last seen’

Acknowledgment of a library reset


Artist page – Country and year of formation

Artist page – Ability to see top tracks for past 7 days

Artist/album/track pages – The date when you first scrobbled this artist/album/track

Artist/album/track pages – Intra-site sharing of artists/albums/tracks

Library - Ability to display albums you have played during the last month. One album cover per album. In descending order from the last album you played. (This sounds very specific, but used to be a feature)

Library - Ability to more effectively go deeper into the library
   -In the meantime, manually type the page you want to visit in the url: http://www.last.fm/user/USERNAME/library/artists?page=5 (you can select username, artists/albums/tracks and page number)

RSS feeds and embeddable widgets

Re-enable API V1.0 - especially feeds: user.recenttracks and artist.similar

Multi-tag/multi-artist radio

Shuffling of loved tracks

Banning of tracks on radio

Page for recommendations (+ ability to sort recommendations by genre)

Page for recently added tracks (+ link to this page on the home page)

Exporting of data

Ability to verify and synchronize your tags against the ‘LFM view of things’. Main problem: Too few search results. For a well-written explanation follow link: https://getsatisfaction.com/lastfm/topics/thread-of-revelation-collection-of-information-about-missi...

Formatting in shoutbox and private messages

Display of basic user info when you hovering over a user name

Ability to change sort order in list of followers/following

E-mail notification of incoming shout and message

Transferring iTunes listening history to new account

Lab feature - 'Tag library': Possibility to browse all the artists in your library tagged with, for instance, "rock"

Lab feature - 'How are you two connected': Shortest path between you and the user whose page you're visiting

Lab feature - 'Blast from the past' as a distinct feature (this is now integrated into the home page)

Lab feature - 'Lab neighborhood'
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Posted 4 years ago

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Cover art in the "Recent Tracks played" section of user profile has to come back. There's no way to tell if your listening to a live song/song from a greatest hits album.
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Bru No

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on the weekly chart of an artist be filtered by location should be an option , because if I go on the page of an artist I want to see the weekly scrobblers worldwide , oh yes , you could put the option to filter by location , to see if this music is quite heard in my region ... please consider this.
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Donyvi, I stand in absolute admiration of your job :)
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I came here to say exactly that! Hats off to Donyvi :)
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Thanks! But it's mostly just information people shared in the earlier threads :)
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we aren't allowed to do that! Oh you people are in trouble!
Question once and only once, read all 5,000 posts before you post anything - got pals & gals "we got Rules" 
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You are, indeed, tenacious! I am starting to lose the will to live due to absolutely NO feedback on virtually anything lately!
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Thanks so much for this mate. Great resource, lastfm should give you a job! Regarding resetting the account, what does ETA mean on the tweet please? :)
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Thanks, but it's really a team effort. I pretty much just posted what everyone wrote in the other threads :)

ETA means "estimated time of arrival". The tweet means that they don't know when the feature is coming back.
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Thank you for clarifying. :)
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Team "ME" I am so Mad I could just put a Pic Up Yelling, anyone really forms a collective group I am for it, no one wants to  - you know if the power-apparatus
as it may be (social control) - in order to keep the underdog under, keep them at odds with one another, simple trick


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you rock donyvi
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Tupac; you are dead, now "they" are saying you are alive, 19 years of hiding we find you here lol 
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Thank you Donyvi,I am most grateful (If I have ever pissed you off – well you probably deserved it :)

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Thanks a lot for you and your team's effort to gather information including giving me a chance to become acknowledged with the fact that there is someone out there with a million scrobbles.
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Note that in regard to the ability to jump to page X on your library may be limited by some hard coded limit, or perhaps a bug (?)
I found out that I cannot go beyond page number 5001 in my library -- the default list, the plain list of scrobblings (yes, this means that you first have to have more than 250.000 scrobbles in your library in order to be "hit" by this issue... :-) )
I only can jump to page 5001, and when I click Next, URL states that I should be on page 5002, but instead I have the list from page 1 (the most recent 50 scrobbles); and similar, when next-ing to page 5003 I have instead page 2 again, a.s.o.

Ah, this happens to libraries of other users as well, not just on my own: I tried that already on 2 different users, and had the same issue.
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It was noted elsewhere in this forum.
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Cornel Diaconu

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Only if I knew where to (report a bug) ... :-)

Btw.. I'm sure that this would manifest to the list of artists or albums also, but it never gets to, because virtually no user comes to have such a large number of artists or albums.
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Thanks, @garynotrashcoug .
I did wrote my issue on that page and ... am curious to see what will happen further
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Cornel Diaconu

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After doing that (writing my question on that form), I got reply with acknowledging this as a possible bug, and .... I find now that things are back to normal in this respect : I can go to any page in my library, without that limit to 5001 pages.
This one was solved :-)
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I would also like to add that there is no way of going back to the artist's main page once you access the photo library other than the very unintuitive X at the upper right corner, or clicking the back button, that is, but if you've clicked on 20 other pictures, you have to click 20 times to go back. 
The way it used to work, and the way the user expects the site to behave, is to click on the artist's name on the upper left corner. But noooo, let's add the X in a place where it's barely noticeable with no indication of what it actually does to further frustrate the user.
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What about the "NOW "webpage? With nice cover art or artist picture that used to stand @ http://www.last.fm/user/username/now
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Thanks again for your comprehensive updates Donyvi!
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Also: only 10 cached scrobbles will post. Any more than 10 and they are lost forever :(
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WTH... I can't believe this...
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You can edit the cache (XML) file in a text editor to upload only ten scrobbles at a time or just use the Universal Scrobbler. Can be labor intensive, but it's better than losing them.
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I think I'm gonna switch to universal scrobbler I always lose scrobbles when I scrobble offline '-'
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Pierre-Olivier Dion

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Please last.fm, bring back the charts and groups! I haven't seen my group charts since July 5th. I miss them, I have nowhere to go on the site now. Is anyone working on bringing them back?
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"I have nowhere to go on the site now" -- Feel the new Last.fm!


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the artists and albums with 0 scrobbles dissapeared again.
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lol it looks like someone deleted my comment expressing my views on the "recent visitors" feature, no more freedom of speech around here I guess.
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@Hunter, they may have moved your comment to recent visitors  diatribe ;-)
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You will be pleased to know that recently I've been put in my rightful place by a certain person, made to see the error of my ways, it was a humbling experience... but I'm with the good guys now :-)
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Firstneim Lastneim

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Maybe, but the new site is still beyond lame with or without this Minitrue tactics.
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Matt C

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I hope at some point they can put a little pic next to the tracks we are scrobbling, to make our user pages a little less bland. The little pic is there when you look at your overall list of artists under "more artists", so the idea is not that far fetched. I have other wishes too, but my expectations for the site are extremely low, haha. Time goes by, so slowly, so slowly.
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I miss that too. A lot. You could easily see what album the track was from. And I also miss the expanded view of recently listened tracks.
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Well, this turned out to be another great thread.

I would think that this forum in general would be clear enough evidence to anyone that bitching and complaining does nothing, but it looks like I was wrong.
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This is an excellent post, Donyvi.  Thanks so much for taking the time to put this together!
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If they can admit to improving the About Me section on Twitter, why can't they do that in the official feedback forums? And why didn't they admit it earlier, in the old forum?

Not all of us want to wade through a swamp of tweets, you know. Not all of us own Twitter accounts. Not all of us are even remotely interested in Twitter.

But at least they've said something, in their own baffling way. I say 'baffling' because many users would be much happier if the staff simply admitted it on the actual feedback forums, in full view, saving them a lot of grief. Talk about creating more unnecessary problems for yourself.
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Well, you CAN read those twits without being a (signed in) user on twitter !
You can simply go to twitter.com/lastfm ... and check there what they write, from time to time.
Of course, writing anything on their twitter account, and NOT somewhere here as well, when this site is supposed to be the official site for the last.fm forums, ... well, this is something that reveals disrespect for the users of last.fm
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So... More than a month now guys. Imma let you finish but this is the worst upgrade of all time. OF ALL TIME :(
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LOL, you need to get a life.
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Jonas Juul

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There are quite a lot of things gone, you haven't mentioned, which I truly miss:

Uploading and voting for album covers

In the library, under any artist, at each track listed, it would say what album(s) I have listened to, that scrobbled that track

In the library, having 8 most listened to albums, and getting to see all within new page. Now it's top 6 albums and if you want to see all albums, it loads a new page where the tracks scrobbled are gone

In the library, getting to see all scrobbled tracks by an artist without losing to see albums scrobbled by said artist

Weekly listening snapshots: I could see what I listened to for each week. It's different from seeing what I have listened to in the last 7 days, as I could see it for all weeks, for instance 6-12 Aug., 13-19. aug etc.

And more....

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 For me this is missing seriously blasts from the past.

Before i could know which bands i haven't listened to for at least six months. It helped me to re-discober my music. Last fm needs this now

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