**PLEASE HELP** Playcounts for Compilation Albums / Various Artists albums have Dissapeared

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Hi guys, since the move to the new website, I have noticed that any albums I have scrobbled that was either a Compilation or Various Artists album are now showing a Zero Playcount. I have also noticed that any tracks from Compilation or Various Artists albums are now being made into new albums by the artist I have a few examples
  http://www.last.fm/user/Rob_209/library/music/Various+Artists/The+Very+Best+of+School+Reunion I used to have around 800 scrobbles for this album but now it is displaying Rob_209 hasn't listened to this album yet ?? When I now scrobble any of the songs from this album a new album page is created saying The Very Best of School Reunion is an album by the artist just scrobbled & not a Various Artist album E.G. http://www.last.fm/music/Queen/The+Very+Best+Of+School+Reunion?utm_source=last.fm&utm_medium=app...
   This is happening for any Compilation or Various Artists album or any album with more than 1 artist. I have wrote a couple of other Threads / Conversations about this but have yet to have a reply or even an acknowledgement. Please help as this is making my charts & many others very messy & creating albums which do not exist.

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Posted 4 years ago

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Bumping this.
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Yeah what's up with this?
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Still happening = (
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I always hated people who used to scrobble "Various Artists" and "Unknow".
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Yeah but we're not, iTunes has two types of tags... Artist and Album Artist. The Artist is correct and the Album Artist is Various Artists because of Compilation albums. In the past on here, they would all show together in one compilation album but now the thing is f***ed and has been since this site went downhill back in July. It is damn frustrating and needs to be sorted out as a priority.
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yeah. i hate this. it was perfectly fine before the new version was launched. you know what they say, if it aint broke, dont "fix" it
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Broken for me too. Any scrobble with AlbumArtist starting with "Various" seems to be rejected. ... The old site just applied this restriction to the Artist tag. It doesn't make any sense to apply it to the AlbumArtist tag. 
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hope gets solved