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Staff has covered many issues, but information is scattered. This is an attempt to make it more

Please let me know if there is a feature I have missed or if any of the
information is inaccurate or out of date. I have not included the features covered in their announcement.

I welcome you to BUMP. I will now and then.

*Thanks for all the input. Sorry for the delay. To keep the thread true to its purpose, I will stick to posting about features that used to be on the old site and new features that will be introduced. I will not be posting suggestions for features or bugs with features that have been reintroduced.

Currently no information:

User profile

'About me' section that is not for ants + ability to use html/bbcode

Cover art in the "Recent Tracks played" section

Followers/followeds(?) who are "listening now"

Looking at scrobbles from the last 6 months

Link to ‘Home’ (Link to a website)

Recent Activity List

 ‘Last seen’


Artist page – Country and year of formation

Artist page – Ability to see top tracks for past 7 days

Library - Sorting from A to Z and by tags.

Library - Ability to display albums you have played during the last month. One album cover per album. In descending order from the last album you played. (This  sounds very specific, but used to be a feature)

RSS feeds and embeddable widgets


Shuffling of loved tracks

Banning of tracks on radio

Page for weekly top tracks/hyped artists by genre/tag (the old “Charts” feature)

Page for recommendations 

Page for recently added tracks

New releases from bands in your library (did this use to be on the old site?)

Exporting of data

Opt-out of auto-correct

Ability to verify and synchronize your tags against the ‘LFM view of things’. Main problem: Too few search results. For a well-written explanation follow link (first post on the page): https://getsatisfaction.com/lastfm/topics/thread-of-revelation-collection-of-information-about-missi...

Features that will be re-introduced:

Possibility of using streaming services other than spotify:

Artist that you have scrobbled 0 times and tagged will appear in library (by design, the new site will not display artists that you have scrobbled 0 times and added to the library) https://getsatisfaction.com/lastfm/topics/tagged-artists-with-no-scrobbles-gone-fix-it

User journals
    -Before service is restored, journals can be accessed from: www.last.fm/user/USERNAME/journals

User groups and their forums
    -Can be accessed from (read only): http://www.last.fm/group/GROUPNAME

Taste-o-meter / user compatibility



Image voting and upload

Label pages

Adding youtube content

'Friends who listen to' and top listeners on artist pages

Tag search and site with your tags

Average tracks scrobbled per day stat

More than 10 similar artists in ‘similar artists’ tab

Artist and track catalogue correction

Auto-detection of inputting tags(?)

‘Free download’ section on tag pages

New features that will be introduced:

Ability to change username:

Artist disambiguation

Updated "now scrobbling" track without having to refresh the page

Features under consideration:

Profile page customization (choosing how many top artists are displayed etc.)

Age, gender and nationality next to profile name

'Artist - Track' instead of 'Track - Artist'

More than 4 similar artists/tracks

Not coming back:

Old site

Music manager (I previously wrote that it was coming back. My apologies.)

Time horizon

Data migration is expected to be complete within the next 24 hours (In 14 hours from the posting of this thread)

They expect two weeks of firefighting bugs and other issues. Then they will start reintroducing missing features.

«[...]core features that impact the most users/subscribers [will be] prioritised first»

Some features are probably months away from being reintroduced:
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Artist that you have scrobbled 0 times and tagged will appear in library (by design, the new site will not display artists that you have scrobbled 0 times and added to the library)

That is COMPLETELY IDIOTIC. I added like a thousand artists and tagged maybe a hundred of those artists. However, artists i've never scrobbled before BUT HAD ADDED in my library appear on the front page and it says "This artist is in your library". Of all the problems and missing features on the new site, this is the feature I care about the most and it's completely ruined. Brilliant.
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At the very least, last.fm should give you a list of your added artists so the effort isn't wasted.
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Matt C

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I can't believe this site went live with THIS many issues. Holy crap! Like seriously, some of these things are integral to the site. I also feel like the site is a ghosttown since the change. At least on many of the artist pages I visit. I wonder how many people have jumped ship.
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I'd also like to be able to sort my library alphabetically instead of just by plays.
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Hey. This is under "Library - Sorting from A to Z and by tags" in the list. I'll change from "A to Z" to "alphabetically" next time.
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In addition to the need to bring back charts and A-Z viewing of library (both currently under "no information" (Ugh!)), there used to be a way to jump ahead to certain pages in the library by entering page numbers, AND there used to be an arrow on the top of the page as well as the bottom, so we didn't have to scroll down every page when browsing our library. Can we at least get next/previous arrows at the top of the library? that should at least be a quick fix, as opposed to the more difficult process of re-introducing A-Z library views and charts (PLEASE bring back charts - all-time/weekly/monthly).

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I think it was also possible to use left/right cursor key to browse from page to page in the library.
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It definitely was possible - I still miss the functionality of the old library; I live in hope that the library will get significantly improved/changed over the coming weeks.
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It's sad that one of the users had to do all this. Last.fm should have done this themselves.
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To be fair to them, they probably have internally.

The problem with publicizing lists like this themselves is if you have issues x, y and z, each of those will be most important to a different person. They have to prioritise, which inevitably leads to 2 groups of people shouting about how dare they not fix "the most important feature on last.fm" as soon as humanly possible.

They can't win really. IMO, as long as things are fixed, I don't care how they manage their job list.  And judging by the slow trickle of releases, it does at least seem like they're listening to you guys.
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I disagree. We don't have any updates on some missing features, there is no list of things they fixed so far (like deleting scrobbles - I only noticed that thanks to this thread). 
People are pissed anyway because many questions are unanswered, many things not working. It would be beneficial for them to give us official info on what is coming back and put it in one place. There is no ETA to of getting back any of missing features anyway. There are already groups of people demanding different things to be fixed sooner than other things. 
I don't care when those missing features are fixed as long as they're fixed but there's no info at all about many things. This thread is very useful and should be preapared by last.fm staff to limit the chaos they already created. 
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i can't see the relevance to switch with half-baked version live.
shit storm was programmed with this step.
why not bring a beta version to 90% functionally and then release it. they had years with old version and now they had to change it in few days?

all they've won are angry customers and canceled payments.
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@Juneau in case you missed it, here's an official updated list of missing features, it is linked directly on last.fm's website, just below the player : https://getsatisfaction.com/lastfm/topics/new-site-launch-temporary-service-disruption-information
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I didn't miss it but thanks, and I wouldn't call it a list... There are only 10 features they mention there, compare it to the list Donyvi created in this thread. This REALLY shows how many things need fixing and how many questions are unanswered. 
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In the library, tracks were shown in connection to the respective record(s). This was a nice way to identify different versions of a song in a library.
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Sounds promising, although, I'm shocked about Profile page customization (choosing how many top artists are displayed etc.) being 'Under consideration'... Like, why would they even think about not adding an essential feature like profile customization?
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What I would love to see is that we'd be able to manually correct tags on our pages where necessary. Spotify has so many artists and tracks with spelling errors in it, and it seems that there will be no option for this on their behalf.
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Elliot Robinson

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I definitely second this suggestion - Spotify is terrible for errors, and users here aren't much better with their own stuff, and then are slow/indifferent to suggesting corrections.
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I usually delete the scrobble and rescrobble correctly with universalscrobbler.  Editing scrobbles has long been needed. :/
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Why isn't this a pinned/stickied topic?
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It should be. I don't know if getsatisfaction has that feature.
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The shouts are actually a huge concern for me. I used to talk with more than 10~15 people at a time, so if everybody decides to reply on the same day, I'll only be able to see 10 of them, this is weird as hell. I'd like to have all my shouts back with the counting on the top of my profile. It'd be nice if it was implemented back on the artist pages as well.
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Why did they not actually fix that with the redesign? I mean, let us reply directly to a shout – similar to the way Facebook does it. Or Twitter. Or this site right here. This would actually be an improvement, because it's so much easier to follow a conversation this way...
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Have you noticed they built in that facility here on "getsatisfaction" (NOT!) - hence my quick reply, but failed to add it on the actual music site? :-/
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To be fair, they didn't build anything on this site. It's just a site they are paying to use.
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Regardless who built it they should have never gone live with such a broken site. They should have paid attention of those who were commenting about the site when you could use either the old site or the new site. IT STILL SHOULD BE THAT WAY as the current site isn't even beta even though it is being called that. In its current form it should even be called alpha. It isn't even close to being ready for primetime yet they are playing it in primetime.
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Omega to that I say!!!!
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Paul Celan

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I want to express my wish that information will be provided concerning those suggestions on which currently no information is available. Some of these "demands" are humble and reasonable. Right now I don't even know if they are taken into consideration.
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I heartily concur - I'm not a great fan of trawling through forum discussions to find particular topic, so maybe I'm missing some important threads. However,  I do feel that communication on development progress from Last.fm is severely lacking. What exactly is going on? Does ANYBODY know?
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Artist page – the date when you first scrobbled this track/artist/album

Has this been mentioned anywhere? I'm curious to know the fate of this feature. It didn't always work well on the old website and I hope it comes back new and improved.
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there is no info on artist page but there is a way to check that. 
Go to your library - click on specific artist - histogram will be shown - choose "all time" to see years - click on a year to see months - click on a month to see days and you can find exact day of your first scrobble of that artist. 
It requires some digging but it's the best we've got in case this feature is not coming back. (like many else...) 
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Thanks! That's a great temporary solution. Temporary being the key word, if you know what I mean ;)
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That's in theory, at least :-)
When it comes to practice .... this is not very accurate !
For instance: I am here from 2006; but I had a scarce scrobbling from 2006 up until mid-2008 (I think there was no more than 100-150 scrobbles in this time).
So when I investigate in this way, when it was my first listen to my nr. 1 artist in library (it's Sophie Zelmani, no secret about it :-) ) I can't chose any year before 2009 !!
And I know 100% that my first listen whas in 2006 !
(I can even locate that first scrobble in my library page if I go to the last page in library --- well, at this moment it's no longer working; I just have to click next-next-next in my library until I reach page 18000 :-)) -- but I used to do this on old site and I remember exactly that this first one was amongst my first 10 scrobbles in all !)

So, what I meant to say/write was that you can;t rely exactly on this method to find when you did first listen to some song/artist
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so another thing not working as it should... I guess you can't click on years before 2009 because it's so little scrobbles comparing to later years there's nothing to click on? or last.fm "thinks" there were no scrobbles at all 
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I wonder if in a year's time, will this site be at some reasonable level of functionality. I honestly think it's going to take a LONG time.
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It's almost been a month since the beta update. The incompleteness of this website is a joke.
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Check this Last.fm's tweet: https://twitter.com/lastfm/status/641631969365745665
So it seems that event creation and event list are coming back somewhere within 14 days.

Also about weekly charts, something even better is coming up, selecting any time range in charts:

And wiki edits are being tested right now: https://twitter.com/lastfm/status/641582210907303936
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Hell yes

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