'About me' limits - question to the last.fm staff

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I have a straightforward question to the last.fm staff - do you plan on bringing back customization options to the 'About me' panel (such as BBcode) and removing the limit of 200 characters? The issue had been raised more than once and yet I didn't notice any official reply. It would be nice if you could refer to user's doubts, so that we could know what to expect.

Many people, including me, find the lack of this feature crucial, making last.fm profiles simply boring and the service itself not as much fun to use as it used to be.

I realize that money and time invested in the re-design prevent you from reverting last.fm to the previous version but if you truly hope for users to accept such huge changes, you should consider their opinion and at least bring most desired features back.
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Posted 4 years ago

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Crucial is the right word for it.
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I've seen a BUNCH of threads regarding this issue, however we still have no word from the staff.
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Jakub Jas

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And so the trend seems to continue...
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What's the point of giving us these 'support' threads, if they won't give us any answers? Highly unprofessional... 
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Agreed. This feature is extremely important for a lot of people. It made Last.fm a much more social experience than just a place to record stats.

Would love to hear a response from the team regarding this, though I have a bad feeling they we haven't had a response yet because it's not planned - and saying no to this request would cause another backlash.
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I also have a feeling that that is the case. Unless they simply can't give a realistic answer until they get other services up and running?
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I don't expect to hear 'when', I'd be completely satisfied with 'it will come back' or any answer at all ;)
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But why introduce this limit? so that our nice pics and badges and stuff don't get in the way of all the ads that hang in there?
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pretty much? personally I don't think it's coming back.
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Keep the damn ads if you want, but let us have our cool sidebars back!
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They deleted option of adding pictures, Bbcode and widgets because it's taking up too much space for ads. Thank you last.fm! What a ''brilliant'' idea!.

Like i said in another topic - at least they should give us a option to add a custom image at the top of the profile..
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Hello, during spare times i'm developing a browser extension to bring back some cool features of previous last.fm.

So for the moment I add "Musical compatibility" and "About me" (But for the about me I need a server to save datas :/ ) when you are opening a profil page in your browser. Maybe if I have time, I will work on Artist Page, ... .

I Have a little preview : https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/39375802/lfmenpreview.png

If some of you are interested to help me, send me private msg (http://www.last.fm/fr/user/IKommu)

Sorry for my bad english :s

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I'm so upset. I understand that some users have gone too far with pictures, bbcodes etc. at their profiles so I kind of understand that last.fm doesn't want to allow pictures, links and stuff like that in profiles BUT the limitation of 200 characters really pisses me off.

Every week I edited my profile info and added my weekly top artist to a list (17x Artist A, 15x Artist B, 8x Artist C and D etc.). It was one of the main reasons I used the last.fm website.
Not sure if that would even be possible with the new website without the "about me" limit cause the possibilty to see top artists sorted by week is also gone at the moment, not sure if it's planned to be back in the near future?

Well, I don't know... I won't delete my last.fm account cause there's this little hope everything will be good at the end... but right now I have absolutely no reason to visit this website besides checking the forums seeing users complaining about the new website. ;)

I registered (with another username) on September 7, 2005... 10 year anniversary soon. I feel nostalgic.

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