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So, you have an annoying pop-up that tells me I am using an Ad Blocker, and I should subscribe or turn it off if I don't want ads. I used to subscribe for many years, but cannot in good conscious give last.fm any more of my money while the site is still in this appalling state (sorry, I have given you 1 1/2 years to fix it, which should have been enough)

So: my only option is to shut off Ad Blocker.  Which I did.

However, when Ad Blocker is off and set to pause on any Last.fm page, the ads come back (naturally), but the stupid pop up telling me I have AdBlocker does not go away. Even with AdBlocker off, I get the same message telling me to turn it off.

The normal way to deal with this would be to ask you to fix it. After all, if I turn off my AdBlocker, I should not keep getting that pop-up, right?

Obviously, asking you guys to fix anything is a waste of time though (I have been waiting 6 years for you to spell The Chocolate Watchband correctly on the artist page, and you still won't do it...)

So: I have a work-around of my own, which I will share with other users here:

If shutting off your AdBlocker does not get rid of the pop up telling you to shut off AdBlocker, then simply leave AdBlocker on.

If you leave AdBlocker on, you will still get the annoying pop-up. However, you will not see any ads. If I shut AdBlocker off, then we get ads AND pop-ups.

The pop-ups are even more annoying than your ads, so I am leaving my AdBlocker on for good (unless you guys fix this). Makes no sense to turn it off if I have to get ads AND pop-ups. Leaving it on only subjects me to pop-ups, no ads.

I suggest everyone just keep their AdBlockers on.  If they fix the pop-up issue (will never happen), you can shut it off for them.

At Last.fm, we have to be creative with our own solutions, since we get no satisfaction with whatever skeleton crew is left "working" here.

Good luck, Last.fm users!
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  • nothing. I am used to this by now.

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I agree completely! I made a thread about this very issue. Left version info and everything. Guess what? Totally freakin' ignored. Not that I'm surprised. Same shit different day with this site. Ad blocker stays on now.
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