Add a song threshold before voting on artist pictures

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This picture had 21 upvotes and 3 downvotes literally 30 minutes ago.
Now it has 21 upvotes and 9 downvotes

Someone is using alt accounts to downvote any pictures they don't want and this is really frustrating. Please do something about this like add a song limit threshold before voting on pictures OR make us choose our own pictures.
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Posted 2 years ago

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TBH, the more I think about this issue, the more I feel the best solution would be to have the ability to pin our own choice of main image. Leave it as default to use the voted-for main, but give frequent users of Last FM and who get annoyed by this (which I feel there are many, including myself) the chance to get round idiots abusing the system.

It would kill two annoying birds with one stone. Not only would you circumvent dickheads who use sockpuppet accounts to vote up their choice of image, but you would also allow contributing and active users to have current pictures for mains. Speaking personally, I have recently experienced the extreme frustration of trying to change main images for artists who have a mainly inactive userbase combined with old photos for mains that have too many up-votes to shift. I don't like bothering people with endless requests to up-vote this and down-vote that.

I don't feel song thresholds would work, as people are also abusing song submissions on the site all the time. Take a look at top listeners for major artists where some people think there's a massive cache in being one of the top 4 listed on the page, visit their pages and you will often see people who have got the same full-length song being repeated for days on end at the minimum 30 second threshold rather than the actual length of the track concerned. My personal solution to these users would be to lock-out their account for a good 30 days if they do this. I've said this before many moons ago on here, but I still reckon their should be a daily (or maybe weekly) cap on track submissions. They could use your Last Week data and temporarily freeze your profile if you've listened to music literally 24/7, i.e. not slept for 7 days on the trot, which nobody does. I personally use this as a gauge for unfollowing/not following people. If you're more concerned with being a Top Listener than having an accurate record of your real listening habits then you can GTFO as far as I'm concerned, lol
But I digress...

As I say, I personally feel the ideal solution is give users the ability to pin (from the images uploaded to an artist's image library) their choice of main photo, then we don't have to worry about the obviously broken voting system that is currently in place.
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I agree with most of this but I don't know if the continuous scrobble activity is necessarily a good barometer of whether someone's scrobbles are legit. Everything on my profile is stuff I've either already listened to or am going to listen to in the near future (i.e., I've already started a given playlist and just put the rest into the queue), but these days I do at least 90% of my listening either on a FiiO or on my car stereo, neither of which scrobble. This means that nearly everything I scrobble these days is played on my computer with the sound on mute - it's just a repeat of stuff I've already listened to or have queued up in my car/MP3 player. The times have absolutely no correlation to when I listened to the songs, but it's all legit. The thing is, though, that since some of these playlists are ridiculously long (I have about 5 days' worth of Grateful Dead on my FiiO for example), there are times when I have music playing continuously for an absurdly large amount of time.

Anyway, while I'm not opposed to a quota, I think perhaps the quota should be for number of scrobbles over a pretty long period of time (at least a month) rather than just over the last.week thing. And since I just bumped a suggestion that should implement a last.month feature, this seems to dovetail nicely with that.