After a year it is obvious the follow system has killed the community

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Before this new site launched I would average about 2 to 3 friend requests per month from total strangers. I started talking to a lot of new people and expanded my music listening habits.

Since the new site has launched I have had ZERO strangers start following me.

The one follower I have gained is because one of my friends created a new profile. This is absolutely depressing and desperately needs to go back to the friend request system. Unless their ultimate goal is to stop it's users from communicating with eachother. If this is your goal, then good job, you have completely succeeded.
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Posted 3 years ago

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The new Follow system is very impersonal and I too preferred making 'friends' with other users. Following people feels less like a request for friendship and more like you're just storing someone in a list for the purpose of looking over their data later on. 

The Neighbours feature was recently reintroduced rather covertly, tagged onto a minor update. That was supposed to be a great way of finding new people with similar tastes to yours. Unfortunately in it's current state it doesn't work very well. In my experience, the majority of users show a low compatibility and many of those accounts haven't Scrobbled in months. 

With that said, it's definitely possible to be sociable and make friends here - you just have to put a lot more effort into it. I have a group of friends on here and we share music daily with each other. I actually met one of my best friends very recently. We're 99% compatible on and we now have an extensive system of playlists setup on Spotify to share new music. 

I think one of the main obstacles preventing people from socializing is the lack of notifications for shouts. I'm a rather private person, so almost all of my communication with other users is done through private messages. But I've left countless shouts on profiles without ever receiving a reply back. If people don't know I've left them a message, how are they supposed to respond? Just browsing through profiles it's clear that a lot of people have left and abandoned their accounts. I think a lot of people just don't visit the site anymore, but keep Scrobbling their music. 
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Agreed, though I don't think it's only that. What the community got with the new site was a stab in the heart, a shot in the head and a swift kick in the balls all at the same time.

Now, you could save someone like this if you act quickly. What you don't do is letting them lie in the dirt for a year, applying a little bandaid every two weeks or so to a place that doesn't even hurt.

It'd be a miracle if the community ever recovers to a state even near where it was before, even if  things like groups would be restored some day.
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It has to do with the whole redesign sucking and everyone jumping ship rather than the follow system alone.

But seriously, if you wanna really befriend someone... you can just leave them a shout.