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I'm listening to Sleater-Kinney's crucial 1997 masterpiece 'Dig Me Out' via Spotify. I have 193 scrobbles of this album already. Yet all of my current scrobbles are writing to 'Dig Me Out (Remastered)'. There's a similar deal with the Velvet Underground's first album, where it's writing to a 40th anniversary edition, segregating my listens. 

Meanwhile, Arcade Fire's 'Reflektor', among others, is split into 'Reflektor (Disc 1)' and 'Reflektor (Disc 2)'. I mean, there's an artistically interesting point here maybe as that album features Orpheus and Eurypides separated and lost to each other: but I've listened to that album loads, it would probably be in my top 5 most listened, but it isn't because each of the discs takes up half the scrobbles each!

Is it not possible to combine the various versions of the same album, and combine the various discs where needed? I know this is probably an enormous undertaking, which the userbase would need to support on, but surely it'll save on server space?
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The 'Dig Me Out (Remastered)' problem shouldn't be occurring, since I believe Last FM's intention was to remove all mentions of "remastered" on track and album names. You need to vote the remastered name as being the incorrect title, and the title-only version (Dig Me Out) as correct. Might be worth trying to get fellow listeners and your friends to vote on it, too.

Arguably, both discs of Reflektor should be scrobbled under simply "Reflektor" - I, and I'm sure most listeners, would scrobble it this way. You ought to correct your tags if you want these scrobbles to be counted together.