Auto-correct is switched off, but artist names are still being corrected?

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There has been a similar post, but it seems more to do with tidying up charts (it was just a case of altered punctuation). However, I turned off auto-correct when I first joined the old site because it kept changing the artist 'The Kickback' to 'Kickback', a completely different artist. 'The Kickback' even had their own page, so it's not a matter of cleaning up. It worked perfectly fine back then.

Now, on the other hand, I have a bunch of scrobbles for 'Kickback' instead of 'The Kickback'. Not only is this irritating statistics wise, but I can imagine it to be quite damaging for smaller artists who have similar - but not exactly the same - names. I can understand why it has been implemented (e.g: the people that scrobble 'The Pixies' instead of 'Pixies'. Tut.), but I was wondering if there were to be an option to tell the site to purposely, uh, distinguish between two artists. Or even compare their discographies to see if they match up (if they don't, then it would be assumed they are seperate artists).

And I definitely still have auto-correct scrobbles switched off.

Thanks if you see this.
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  • sad, I guess

Posted 4 years ago

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Portico Quartet is not the same as Portico. Franz Joseph Haydn is the incorrect name for Joseph Haydn etc. Still, i can not scrobble the correct artist names and i am redirected to the wrong artist pages. If you want to correct something, at least correct it...correctly!?...
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This is still happening to me and it's messing up my library. Is this going to be fixed?
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Particularly frustrating is that the alternate page for the misdirected artist no longer even exists. For example, "Akron" does not have its own artist page. "Akron/Family" contains all the tracks that Akron used to have. I realize that the "Akron/Family" name has typographic challenges to be addressed, but deleting a separate actual artist to do this is not the best approach.
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Oh come on. This is really annoying. I want to use my own tags, since sometimes the redirected ones isn't actually correct. Will the option to turn off redirect be back?
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I think this is all related to the problem I outlined here:

In general, any kind of auto correct is messed up at the moment so hopefully it will get fixed very soon.
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One annoying example is the Cher track "We All Sleep Alone (Todd Terry Remix)" from her "Believe" album from 1998. This track is automatically converted to "We All Sleep Alone (Remix)" which is a different remix released back in 1988, not the 90's remix. Fix this now please. Such a stupid function anyway.