Average Tracks Played Per Day??

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Am I the only one who cares about the missing "That's an average of -- plays per day" feature that is no longer available in the new version of the site?
You used to be able to hover your mouse over the total number of plays on your profile then your average would be displayed.
I was working my way upwards of 84 tracks per day & suddenly I have no way to track this aside from counting up individual scrobbles & applying my terrible math skills to perform the task.

I mean, don't get me wrong, I really dislike the new site as much as the next user, but this feature in itself being missing bothers me quite a bit (along with everything else already mentioned by other users).

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Angel Rodriguez

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  • so much time gone to waste

Posted 4 years ago

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I also really miss that feature!
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Avenir Luna

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Not only you too, I also miss this feature.
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Tom Stephen

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No, not only you. I'm with you and I miss this feature too. 
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I checked it every day. Even though it was always the same :P
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If only that was the only problem...
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Angel Rodriguez

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If that was the case & it was this singular issue, I would suck it up & continue on with my day. 
But we all know why we're here on these forums to begin with.
They done-did goofed up, they have. 
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I hope they bring it back. That was one of the primary features I kept using last.fm for.
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The feature is still in the L.fm scrobbler itself, in the "profile" tab; but it's dumb to have it removed from the site. They're dumb. What's new.
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I didn't know that. Thank you for the information. I hope they don't remove it from the scrobbler as well.
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Really? 'Cause this is what my Scrobbler displays. D;
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I'm using last.fm scrobbler version 2.1.37. As you see it is shown in the box below my profile picture. My profile picture didn't load for some reason. Maybe your stats didn't load as well. Restarting internet connection or the application might fix it.
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Had it in my about me, now they've taken that away.
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Yeah I miss that too!
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled What happened to the average tracks played per day?.

I used to check my profile everyday hovering my total scrobbles hoping that it increased. It's what kept me wanting to scrobble more than the previous day. I was stuck at 17. Is there any chance you'll be implementing it again?

Also what happened to the tiny album covers next to scrobbled tracks? Are we getting it back? It made profiles more varied and dynamic. That's what you're aiming with the new re-design right? Pictures galore??
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Official Response
Thanks for the feedback. I agree, this is an interesting listening stat and it should be displayed on your profile. This feature will be added to our to-do list.
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a very long list I suppose, if not already too long...
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I also felt this was an important feature and would also love to see it brought back again. 
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Used to have a widget in the good old "About Me" section with this. Profiles look so alike now it is depressing = (

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