Can We Save Our Old Page Info?

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I'm devastated by the new look and style of  But I guess I will have to get used to it or migrate elsewhere...  In any event, I have a question that is very near and dear to me:

I have been a user for over 10 years, and I want to save at least the text and links I had in the "about me" portion of my page: I had links to photographs and to journals I'd written, as well as to tips on how to more effectively use and other related sites.

Can we have access to this information?

My journals, written back when they were front page material, include some very detailed reviews of shows I attended nearly 40 years ago, including two of the most important concerts ever (The Doors at Miami's Dinner Key Auditorium, leading to Jim Morrison's arrest and trial; and The Jimi Hendrix Experience at Miami Pop 1968, the subject of a new blockbuster documentary).

In sum, I want to be able to visit my page(s) to download and print my work!
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Posted 4 years ago

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I hope so! We can still access our journals through the old link but I'd like to at least a backup of my 'About Me' Profile.
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The 'About Me' section will be brought back, check your Account Settings page - it's even still there, not accessible at the moment though.
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Thanks Steve 
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I don't like the new one either. I'd like to say something good about it but I can't find anything at the moment. I like how the other one gave a comprehensive view of everything on one page.
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Official Response
As Jon has posted already elsewhere, the journals will be back later. Concerning old forum threads and postings, they are archived in read-only mode on which gives an error right now, but will be back online soon.

Concerning the link to your old journals please see this staff reply:
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Hi Hans-Jürgen, I've been trying to get my journals to load for the last couple of hours and keep getting the dreaded "502 Bad Gateway" error. Do we still have time to save that data? Will the old journals be accessible until the new ones go live? I have invested a lot of work into those journals and it would suck pretty bad if they got lost somehow during the transition - so I'd just like to make sure and create a backup (yes, I'm an idiot for not having a backup... I didn't think the switch would happen that fast).

OT: schön, deinen altbekannten Avatar hier zu sehen - ich finde es irgendwie äußerst beruhigend, dass sich zumindest ein paar Dinge nicht geändert haben ;D
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Yes, these things (old forums, groups, journals, About Me) had been archived already and are not lost, like all uploaded images etc. which will come back after everything has finally been synchronised. I don't know what is wrong with the link right now, maybe a DNS problem between US and British servers, but you will be able to copy and save them again. Sometimes you only have to wait several minutes to finally open it. And the release of the new site had already been postponed several times internally, but maintaining both sites in parallel became too difficult for several reasons.

Concerning avatars I had already made a square version of my originally rectangular GIF by adding blank spaces left and right, so the switch was easy for me, and the circular version looks almost the same as the original one.
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Hans-Jürgen What you've done is DISRESPECT TO MEMBERS of this SITE! especially to Subscribed users who PAID to your site for using it and your AWFUL change without any consideraton of our feedbacks on it Getting over old one without any question or chance to keep old one.

First: MY AVATAR is PERFECT ON OTHER SITES. But on now it can't be seen at all! CIrcular round shape cut off most of my gif image and low pixelled it.

2nd: Why DO WE NEED HEADER THING USING MOST SPACE OF START OF OUR PAGE? and it's put default by artist's song we listen. I want to see my scrobbles and not header of nothing when I come to my or other;s profile page.

3rd: We SAID ABOUT FONT and ABSURDLY LARGE SIZE! BUT NOTHING has been changed! Same oversized bunch of unuseful space! WE ARE ON PC FOR THE SAKE OF! It's not like anyone on this planet use Mobile devices! T_T

4th: You didn't consider fix about LIBRARY! THIS SHOULD BE LIKE MAIN THING OF THE PAGE INSTEAD OF TOP ALBUMS! With libraries we show our taste and get recommends from others or interract through music! IT SHOULD BE BACK LIKE SEPARATE WIDGET with properly shown artists!

5th: You didn't consider INFO about Albums and Tracks which aren't stored on USA/EU based music source sites!


7th: WHERE IS RECOMMEND SIMMILAR ARTIST TO THIS ONE...???? To see info and presented artists, that was all about which made this site so popular and loved by both musicians and listeners! Now hat's the point if E CAN'T GET PROPER RECOMMEND? I DON'T WANT TO PLAY SOMETHING THAT I HAVEN'T SEEN OR HEARD! I need to get to know it firstly!

8th: We want FULL NORMAL ABOUT ME! THIS IS NOT TWITTER! only 200 characters?! are you freaking kidding?

9th: BRING BACK FRIENDS! this is not tumblr and twitter, this is MUSIC SITE! we want friends and pals who can talk about music with us!


11th: BRING BACK PAGE SHOWING ALL ALBUMS NORMALLY IN ORTHERS WHEN E CLICK ALBUMS! I don't want track's or other charts when I want to get info about albums! 

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Absolutely agree!
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So do I.
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Preach - I've actually bumped into friends at gigs and made real life friends with them haha it's awesome, please bring it back! It's fun seeing compatibility. I also hope all the events I've gone to for 10 years are still there.
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The original question has been answered, please try to stay on-topic or create another thread.

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