Can't login in other accounts anymore.

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Like others, I have multiple accounts. I have found however that since a week or two I cannot login to other accounts anymore. When I logout, and then click back on login, it automatically logs in to my last logged in profile. I don't even get the option to enter my account information on because I cannot even visit that specific page anymore. Please fix this as I would like to access my other accounts and like this I just can't. 
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Esther Haaijman

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Posted 3 years ago

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Why do you need more than one account, multiple personalities? Anyway, I cannot reproduce your problem. What is your browser? Are you sure you have really logged out from your account?
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Esther Haaijman

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I would prefer it if you kept such serious accusations to yourself. 

The issue persists on both Firefox and Google Chrome. Cleared caches on both browsers. And yes, I am not an idiot - I really do log out. 
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Only one idea Esther: Is it possible, that your browsers recognize the login page as related to one of your user names and password?
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I also use multiple accounts (one for social experimentation and one as isolating shelter when I contact with noone, and one official) so... 

I have no idea, but let's try what Andreas_Wotte wrote, or wait for official response.
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This probably hasn't got anything to do with and is a browser related/ local issue. Nobody, not even the devs seem to be able to reproduce your problem. So that should tell you something about where to look for the cause of your problem....and it's not
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Perhaps it's Last FM's attempts at reducing user abuse? While I wouldn't have worded it the way gw666 did, I also don't really see why someone needs more than one account (even taking into your reasoning, Tom) and Last FM may be of the same opinion.

Personal preference, sure, but a little unnecessary/redundant - it is, after all, the same person listening on all your accounts: you.
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As far as I know having several accounts isn't prohibited in's policies, so therefore banning those in attempt to "reduce user abuse" (what even is that supposed to be? Harassing others?) would make very little sense.

I'm not 100% on this, so if it is indeed against the rules please let me know.
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CBS have a strict user account policy (outlined in a 80+ page document) which we now have to adhere to, which basically boils down to one account per email.  Quite frankly I'm ok with that, because it simplifies password/account recovery process and makes it slightly more of a hassle for spammers and trolls to come back (including those people who create hundreds of accounts to game the image voting system).  Still, if you really want a spare/secret account, this is fine -- it's just a little  trickier to manage.

That said, the issue described has nothing to do with that; since 1. we don't enforce this at login (just when you try to sign up with an email already in use), 2. the problem is happening before Esther gets a chance to even enter a username and password.
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...including those people who create hundreds of accounts to game the image voting system...
This is something that I've come across a fair bit and as such annoys me, so I'm glad that CBS's strict policy has some benefit.

I still think having a "secret" account (or any other extra accounts) is a bit bizarre, but to each their own, I guess.
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colored lights

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I am able to log out and log into other accounts using Chrome.. You must have some local issue.. hope you get it worked out.
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Automatic login means that your login informations (password and name) are saved in your browser. Try to clear them in your browser settings (in chrome it is: chrome://settings/passwords ) and you should be able to type in the data again. Just make sure you do not hit something like "log me in automatically each visit" after logging in. You can save the password info in the browser again and then you can choose the particular account by clicking on the username field.
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Hi Esther, 

For testing purposes the staff here use multiple accounts on a daily basis (our QA lead has hundreds of test accounts), and we haven't run into this problem yet -- certainly it's not something we intentionally block.

So far I've not been able to reproduce this issue in Chrome (version 57.0.2987.133 on windows -- I'll try firefox after I post this). I'm logging into an account, logging out via, and then back in with a new account on  It works as expected.

As others have mentioned, the behaviour you're describing suggests that you've not been logged out correctly in your browser.  If you're already logged in when you try to click on, it will take you back to your logged in home page.  If you're already logged out, it should not be automatically logging you in without first entering your sign in details.

I know you've already said that you've made sure that you've logged out and cleared your browser cache, but let's just go through this step by step:
  • Can you please tell me the exact browser version and OS you're using?
  • How many different accounts are you trying to manage with the same browser? Is it just 2, or more? 
  • When you go to and click logout, what do you see? What happens if you hard refresh or try to navigate the site? Are you still logged out, or are you logged back in again?
  • Does the issue persist after deleting your cookies?
  • Does the issue happen if you try to login using an incognito / private window?
  • Are you using a password manager (e.g. LastPass), and if so, have checked your preferences to see if it's enabled automatic login / form fill?  
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Hans-Jürgen, Moderator

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Maybe her bookmarks to her other accounts still use the outdated http:// protocol in the URL instead of https://, or should they be forwarded anyhow? On the other hand the login page always uses the secure version, so it should be forwarded. Hmm...