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Are there any plans to optimise the catalogue in the near future? There are so many duplicate releases with messy tags getting imported into the database. 

I see them everywhere. Album pages are a mess. 
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Posted 2 years ago

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I guess it will be an ongoing work. You can help by voting yes of no on the question if artist anme/album name/track title are correct in the right column.
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I believe so, yes -- my understanding is that preparations are being made to tackle the bigger issues with catalogue later this year. But afaik we're going to do some work with tags and events first.  In the meantime, if you want to help out, please make liberal usage of the "Is this correct? yes / no" buttons; flag items with incorrect capitalisation; and use this form to report incorrect artist corrections. Thanks. :)
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Good to hear. I've been clicking the correction buttons when I can.

It would be great if, in the future, the site could flag these duplicate releases and merge them all together. That would really clean everything up. I've noticed a big influx of releases with a "- single" tag recently, usually with 0 listeners. 

I just wish I could correct them myself. I also wish I could manually add tracklists on instead of going through MusicBrainz and waiting for it to get added to the database. It's very time-consuming, so my contribution to is mostly album covers and artist images. 
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Agreed about MusicBrainz, plus they have a slightly different styling system with regards to the artist field - for example, they want users to format them like X feat. Y. From Last FM's POV, this will generate (likely) 1,000s of "artists" that aren't correct, in a sense.

I'd 100% second James' request/suggestion for a manual facility within Last FM. Obviously it could be open to abuse, but maybe you could make it by-request access, and perhaps caveat it with something like a couple of years of active listening to your profile...I dunno, just spitballing, really.

my understanding is that preparations are being made to tackle the bigger issues with catalogue later this year.
I'm sure it does/will, but can I suggest that something is done to tackle/autocorrect Spotify's system of "<title> - <version>"? Pretty much everyone ever has put things like 'radio edit' or '12" version' inside brackets, then Spotify came along with its stupid dash system. Most non-scrobbling Spotify listeners won't care, but it's a pain in the arse for Last FM users.
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I think the best way is to put (feat. Artist) or - feat. Artist after the song and not after the artist!, but the guidelines in MusicBrainz want that you must put it after the artist, and than we have the problem at, that we have an new artist! Excample:
2 songs:  PanikDie Krupps feat. Éric Débris +
Sans FinDie Krupps feat. Geoffroy D.
now excist 2 new artists at the site! This is stupid!
Next problem is with (Part 1) or - Part 1 or anything else! At MusicBrainz you must write the songtitle, Part 1 or anything else! We must write after the song an comma, but this is mostly not the correct songtitle!
I see an other big problem from a lot of albums, where changed everytime the songtitle!!!
I scrobbled this song: Sirius B - Live in Miskolc and there was correct with a titlelenght, but now is the song: Sirius B (Live in Miskolc) somtimes are the songs ....- Live Gothic, the next time  are mostly of the songs ....(Live Gothic)! I found this problem with Therion Live albums,
Iron Maiden Live albums and other Live albums! I have changed so many times my mp3 albums and tags, delete the wrong songs from my library, listen the songs again, and then are all songs correct, but at the next time changed the songtitles again, and again,and again!!!
Also... I have a lot of songs in my library where i cannot delete!!! show me that i srobbel this song, but when i click on the song, show me that i don't listen the song! Example:, or!
What can we do about with these fucking songs! i dont want these songs in my library!!!!