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  • (Edited) takes the privacy of its users very seriously and towards the end of the month we will be introducing improvements to how we handle your personal information. More details about this will be posted nearer the time.

One change is that we are going to have to remove all legacy pages of the old as these pages are read-only snapshots (like cached pages on Google or the Wayback Machine) and are no longer wired to the main user database.

While we had always planned to decommission these pages eventually, we had hoped to keep them online until a suitable replacement had been built. Unfortunately, that is no longer possible, with some exceptions outlined below:

Past journal entries will be ported over to the new site, with bbcode formatting. However, shoutbox comments cannot be preserved.

The public API documentation
We are planning to upgrade the API soon, however in the meantime the existing API documentation will be preserved for reference along with the ability to register API keys.

Groups, Forums, and Playlists
Unfortunately, the old groups, forums, and user playlists will no longer be accessible. We are unable to bring these features back to the website at this time.

Miscellaneous pages:
Label pages, venue pages, and build will no longer be accessible.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused by this.
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Tom Stephen

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Friendly reminder for anyone, where we can still get our playlists (I'll save screenshots, at least)

And question for team is: by "However, shoutbox comments cannot be preserved" you mean journal shoutboxes or general ones for artists? I guess it's for journals, as I even remember such thing, but just want to be sure. Whole message is kinda sad, honestly saying.
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You can use the link to your old playlists to copy&paste them e.g. to a spreadsheet app which enables you to clean them from unnecessary data afterwards and save them as a CSV file. As they are hosted on a slow backup system, the link might not work immediately, then try to fill in your username manually in the URL:

Someone also created a JavaScript bookmarklet for copying your playlists to a CSV file, maybe it still works.

Only the comments on journals are affected, not the normal ones on artist or user profiles. But the journals themselves will be ported over to the new site with BBCode.
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all that's needed now is the deletion of all "legacy" users and the demolition is complete ... bye
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Does it mean that the forums and groups will disappear completely from the website or will they remain in this read only version?
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"Unfortunately, the old groups, forums, and user playlists will no longer be accessible" i think you won't be able to see them anymore. they've been in read only version until now, and now they are removing them completely.
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I'm sorry for people that were hoping for playlists, groups and forums coming back . although there were no key features for me, I don't find a great move to wait all these years before declaring they were not in your plans...
but label pages and *venue pages*... really? why don't you remove the whole events section, if you don't bring back a fundamental part of the events' search and archiving. I'm really disappointed.
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I really can't see the sense of it all: you improved considerably the events' creation system, now way better than before. also, the geographical search works better now.
but it still seems you *don't want* people attending gigs on your site.

1 - seeing which events a single venue hosted in the past and will host in the future helps people to join more events.
2 - correcting/updating venues' wrong details (address etc) helps people to join more events.
3 - seeing which events your friends are attending (in a sub-section as it was before) helps people to join more events too.

you apparently don't care of these things, and it seems we have to renounce to 1) and 2) forever. :(
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anyway, is also the artwork uploading over? or the uploading at all? I just tried to upload a missing record cover and there's no more the option. I notice there's no upload option for the artists' pics too. temporary bug? (and in that case, for *how much* time approx.?)
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So the "new" is in fact the old without the good features.
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All in all this looks like just a clean-up of dead data, I guess to avoid conflicts because of the General Data Protection Regulation (Implementation date: 25th of May). It's not said that these features will never come back in any way. A personal backup of playlists would have been nice for those who had such.
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Action Radar

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Someone created an alternate forum, if it makes you feel any better:
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If this has something to do with General Data Protection Regulation then will you finally let all those users who deactivated their accounts to actually get the option to delete their accounts forever? There are ex users who do not want their e-mails to be affiliated with the site anymore.
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So just to be clear, groups aren't coming back in the near future or they aren't coming back at all? Are you still working on groups, because I thought that was the whole point of the new shoutboxes?
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I think they are killing groups from the old website but doesnt necessarily mean we won't have a feature to create groups in the future (although the post says the website doesn't support that atm). it means that, if we ever get groups in the future, the old groups won't be there because...well they killed them off already.
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there won't be groups in the future because there won't be their users: they transformed this site in a community of non-active users that only scrobble from spotify/youtube/whatever. they killed and didn't restore properly for years the features that people used to interact
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  • 34 Posts
  • 26 Reply Likes yeah they said over 3 years ago that groups will come back "in the near future" :')

No other words for believing anything on this site.
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Well, you know, we should read all by its strict lines and "We are working on reintroducing ways to connect with other music fans around the world in the near future." doesn't say anything about groups coming back in the near future, that can mean anything :P
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As far as I remember, the moderator He's dead Jim told me that they would be back soon after they made new shoutboxes for them. That's all I know.
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I find this stupid! The administration said they would return all old functions to its place after they finish BETA. Where this all leads if we will not be, able to use our old Groups for which it took years of effort to build? I don’t understand here anything. What is the point of being here if we will never be able to communicate with one another on the way like we used to?

I will no longer visit my profile because I don’t see a point of hanging on my profile 24/7 when the Groups will never return. Can somebody explain to me what is going on here? Will the Groups, Journals, “About Me,” recent friends activity, recent listeners list, top listeners for albums and playlists return or not? If Spotify can have a personal forum, and recent friends activity then I don’t see a reason why Last.FM is not able to bring it back.