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Deezer supports scrobbling internally in all apps independent from the device, as it connects both accounts via API similar to how Spotify scrobbling works nowadays. You have to enable this option in their web player, because the other apps do not show the necessary part of the settings, but will scrobble afterwards as well.

So you can only connect your account to Deezer on the Alerts & Sharing page in your browser on a desktop computer or laptop, neither on an Android or iOS device nor on the Xbox One, not even in their desktop app.

NOTE: Members of a Deezer Family account cannot see the settings below in their web player either, because they do not have a separate login with own email address like e.g. on Spotify. So they can only use the Web Scrobbler solution described at the bottom of this FAQ.

This page can be accessed by clicking on your avatar in the upper right corner of the web player -> Account Settings -> Alerts & Sharing tab.

Under the heading "Social Music" you should see the greyed out logo on the far right and a 'Link' button underneath if you are not connected yet.

Clicking the 'Link' button will redirect you to and ask if you want to connect your account to this application. Click 'Yes, allow access' to enable scrobbling in all Deezer apps.

NOTE: If this doesn't work, please report issues with scrobbling directly to Deezer in this community thread. One reason why authentication with your account might fail can be your firewall or antivirus/malware protection which you should disable then and try again.

Other ways to scrobble Deezer

Alternatively, there are a number of other options you can try for scrobbling from Deezer:

For the web player, there's the Web Scrobbler Chrome extension which works in Opera, Vivaldi and the Chromium version of MS Edge, too. A Firefox version is also available. Here is a screenshot of the new Edge Chromium with the Deezer web player and Web Scrobbler:

The Web Scrobbler has many additional features like editing a scrobble during the first 50% of its track length and remembering these edits for later. So it makes sense to use it instead of Deezer's internal scrobbling which still has some known issues, e.g. not submitting the ampersand symbol "&" in artist, album and track names causing wrong database entries on If you are a subscriber, you can edit these mistakes in your library, but only for past scrobbles, not new ones.

Furthermore Deezer usually submits a scrobbled track at the end (also when skipping a track), and there is no "Scrobbling now" indication on your profile, so you might think it does not work, but it will show the fully scrobbled track shortly after starting the next one. Web Scrobbler displays "Scrobbling now" in your Recent Tracks list like most external scrobblers and the official apps.

On Android you can also scrobble Deezer with either the official appScroball or Pano Scrobbler.

Unfortunately we're not aware of any alternative ways to scrobble Deezer on iOS, so you have to use their internal option.

Last but not least there is a Discord bot called .fmbot which can show your currently scrobbling or the last song from Deezer besides other information in a channel on any Discord server. It must be added by an admin or moderator first though, and then you can set your username to your Discord name with the appropriate bot command.

Also for showing the current song in your Discord profile there is another Chrome extension, so it only works with the Deezer web player. A Firefox extension for a Deezer Rich Presence exists as well.

NOTE: You should either use the internal Deezer scrobbling or an external scrobbler, because you will get duplicate scrobbles if you use both.
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