Deleted scrobbles keep coming back in my library .. over and over again

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I have this very annoying issue with some artists that I decided to remove from my library.
I keep deleted their scrobbles, and the next day (or even faster, in 3-4 hours) I find them again in my library.

I wanted to remove these 3 artists:

1) Marc Almond & Andi Sexgang
I found the 2 scrobbles at these pages:

Unfortunatelly, going through the normal way (checking the page with scrobbling for this artist shows as if I don't have scrobbled this artist at all:

2) Tripes

Similar, when trying to check the normal page where I should be able to delete those 2 scrobbles, I find as if I have not scrobbled anything for this artist (and yet, they are 2 scrobbles in the link above).

[note] strange enough, at this instant, when trying to take a snapshot of it too, the system show those 2 scrobbles, and let me delete them in the normal way, but this is a first; until now I never saw them there, but only in the link with that day in particular.

3) Dimension presents Oceano
this one always worked normally to the proper page to delete it:

I did this already more than 20 times: delete those scrobbles from those pages, checked the library again and they dissapeared.
Only to be present again the next day.

It definitely is not a case of my browser going nuts and showing some cached page that drives my nuts.
I checked my library from another computers, with different operating systems, and even in different locations (and even different ISPs); logged or not-logged on my account.
Those previous deleted scrobbles were back in my library the next day !!!

I suppose you can imagine the level of frustration I have toward this issue.
It's like some dumb automatic routine considers I am not allowed to delete those scrobbles in particular and restores them from some backup.

I even checked the deleted scrobbles are really deleted by downloading my history with the help of this site:
After I remove those scrobbles and export the data, they are really gone, I don't find them in the CSV file that is saved by that site.
The next day, when I see than back again, I did a new export, and they are really back !!
Does the system hates me for trying to remove these particular artists ? :-)

Okay now ... is anyone in the staff able to clue me about what's going on ?
Why do those deleted songs keep coming back to my library ?

It's not like all deleted scrobbles come back !! I did some other deletions that are really deleted, for good, I don't find them back as it happens with these particular 5 ones.

P.S. Sorry for the length of this message ... it had to be like that in order to expose the situation as good as possible.
P.S.2 Deleting itself sometimes behaves strange also: sometimes I had to retry and retry the delete button several times until it finally accepts I really want to use it and delete those scrobbles :-) (sometimes as startling as this:  I click on it, the song looks like is deleted but it reappears instantly back on page; other times looks like it is deleted, but when refreshing the page, there it is again; after some re-trying like this, it finally accepts the deletion for good).
Nor this one is related to browser and OS (normally I use a Linux system, and work on Firefox, up-to-date); but I tried also on Windows 10 + Firefox also; things happen identical).
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Posted 4 years ago

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Thanks for reporting, I've raised this with our team to investigate.  Length is fine - more detail and examples is always better. :)  

The first one might be an issue with artist corrections. If you turn corrections off in your settings and try to delete the tracks, does it make a difference?

e.g. we can see that the following artist is being corrected:

Marc Almond & Andi Sex Gang -> Marc Almond & Andi Sexgang

Which is why it's saying "corneld didn't scrobble this track during the selected date range"

When actually you did:

>>>It's like some dumb automatic routine considers I am not allowed to delete those scrobbles in particular and restores them from some backup.

It could something along those lines, being masked with correction weirdness.  

To confirm, these are the 5 tracks you're trying to remove?

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Cornel Diaconu

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Yap, those are the particular songs I'm trying to delete from my library (number 1 has 2 distinct  scrobbles, so it is counted 2 times).

Artist "Mark Almond & Andi Sexgang" was indeed scrobbled with the name "Mark Almond & Andi Sex Gang". I intended to mention this in the original post, but somehow missed it: I still have an export that in the "old days" you offered on the site. In that export I found the original scrobble with that form of artist's name (Mark Almond & Andi Sex Gang) which got auto-corrected now without that space.
This I was aware already; but was I don't get is why are they restored after I succeed in deleting them. I suspect is something to do with those under-construction changes related to catalogue, but still I'm baffled why this happens only to those 4 songs. That's why I suspected some automatic reverse.

I think that number 4 was originally scrobbled with artist name as "Dimension pres. Oceano"; which was auto-corrected to actual form of "Dimension presents Oceano".
But as for artist "Tripes" I can't figure out anything; I would thought that they were originally scrobbled with artist name tagged with Greek letters; but no, they are as such (latin) in the export data that I mentioned above.

P.S. I've just tried a new delete with option for autocorrect turned OFF.
I'm just curious if tomorrow I'll find them back :-)
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Well ... sorry, but things got back to where I started :-)
Those 4 songs are back to my library now, when I write this (my local time is now 8:46 GMT+2).

Sometime during the night, some routine decided to restore them (I suppose from that server that still keeps the deleted scrobbles, just in case someone decides to restore them).

I'm deleting them again, but I can't expect this will last more than 1 day also (if not even fewer hours).
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Ahh ... should I dare, @Jon, to hope that my problem is finally solved ?
Since yesterday (so for 2 whole days now), I can't find those songs I've wrote about above.
It seems, thus, that the ongoing catalogue changes reached my problem and somehow it got solved :-)
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Jon, Community & Customer Services

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That's interesting, as we haven't deployed the new catalogue yet. :p  That being said, you're right it might have been addressed as part of the catalogue work in general.   Let me double check for you.
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Even more interesting now, @Jon, after the new/beta catalogue is in beta testing.
When I am on the old/current catalogue, I started to find those songs again; I remove the scrobbles, and after a while (let's say after 1 day, I did not cared to measure the exact amount of time) they are back in my library.
If I switch to the beta catalogue, they are not in the library anymore.

Even more strange though is that in the beta catalogue I find around 40 "new" artists (total number climbs from 27882 to 27915). Some of them appear as with 1 or 2 scrobbles, while if I check the individual artists page they either have more than 3 scrobbles, or nothing at all (some I remember I really deleted some time in the past). For now I did not tried to remove these artists again to see if they re-appear.

Anyway, if it's possible, I'd like to have a hint about these particular 4 songs/5 scrobbles, so stubborn that keep coming back to my library no matter how many times I delete them (last remove was yesterday, sometime in the morning).
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Jon, Community & Customer Services

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Hrm... I'll relay this information on the team.  Ideally, please don't delete anything in your library right now, as people are looking into this for you.

>>>Even more strange though is that in the beta catalogue I find around 40 "new" artists (total number climbs from 27882 to 27915).

I've created a separate ticket to track this.
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Cornel Diaconu

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Hmm ... after the issue from this thread: (in short: some of my old bad scrobbles like Beatles instead of The Beatles, or Rolling Stones instead of The Rolling Stones, or Guns N'Roses instead of Guns N' Roses turned out to be displayed as distinct scrobbles of those artists, as if I had 2 instances of them in my library) has being solved according to Laura's post a few minutes ago (I also gave a hand at this by identifying some of these bad scrobbles and removing them), I started to notice again those 5 scrobbles from my initial post, above !

I removed them again from the library, a few hours back, but those stubborn "Mark Almond & Andi Sex Gang" scrobbles continue to appear as if they are in my library -- or so I see in artists page at this moment.
Maybe this is a glitch in displaying ?
Shift+Refresh seems not to solve this. Or rather, at some point they disappear and after a while, they appear back.

P.S. There seems to be a stabilized status as regarding the artists page in my library.
But .... with a constant difference toward the total number of artists in my homepage. Some 10 artists the difference.
So, now I see 29486 artists in homepage, but only 29476 in the library page for artists (page nr. 590).

May these be some 0 scrobble artists, after all ?
Or maybe wrong count for similar auto-corrected ones ?

P.S. Counts my appear as 29487 and 29477 respectivelly, if those 2 scrobbles from "Marc Almond & Andi Sexgang" gets counted again, despite them being removed...
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Cornel Diaconu

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Sorry @Jon,
but I have to come back again with this issue, since it is still not solved.
I keep removing those songs mentioned above, and in a few days they continue to come back in my library.
And now I have a new "offending" come back, adding to those mentione dsongs:
artist Cheb i Sabbah with these 2 songs:
Again, I remove them from my library, and after a while (some days) I find them back.

As far as I can investigate in my history, I probably scrobbled these 2  songs with artist name as "DJ Cheb i Sabbah" and they got auto-corrected. Though, this is strange, since I can see both names of this artist being independent here on, and I have no redirect from either.

Can you, please, ask the dev team to investigate further on this ?

Maybe there is some cache server that wrongly presents these songs as belonging to my library, despite they are not there any more ?

P.S. Sometime I stumble over this pretty strange situation regarding this new artist Cheb i Sabbah:

As seen in this picture, the left part pretends there are no scrobbles, while the graphics says they are 2.
Sometimes after a refresh of the page, those 2 songs appear on this page also, and lets me go to the each on and permit me to remove each of them.
But, not for good, since as I said, they come back after a while.

P.S.2 I can take the local browser's cache (Firefox) out of the question, since recently (last week, actually) I did a reinstall of my operating system (Linux) from scratch on my PC (that is, with formatting the main partition), so the old cache was removed anyway. This lies only on the server, somehow.
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James Joul

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Today, tracks that were previously deleted have suddenly resurfaced. Over the past couple of weeks I've been trying to clean up my library for a few of my top artists. The image below shows a library view of Icon For Hire on November 26th, compared to what it looked like yesterday. Much better.

This is what it looks like now. All of the previously deleted singles have returned. I'm having the same issue with Lauren Aquilina's new album "Isn't It Strange". There's a tagging issue caused by an incorrect apostrophe splitting my Scrobbles into two duplicate albums. Last night I deleted all Scrobbles from one album, and now they've returned here.
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Yeah I've just logged in about an hour ago and noticed my last 7 days charts are way wrong from what they should be, for example some artists I played maybe 1-2 times last week were on the chart with 5-6 plays, so I have gone through and deleted as many of these irregularities as possible. I have a feeling these were songs I did scrobble last week and deleted, but today they decided to come back. Since I've already removed them I can't give any example's/screenshots now, but it's just a head's up, and also I'm curious if this has happened to anyone else
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Cornel Diaconu

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Hi, Jon,
yes, these are the songs that keep "haunting" my library :-)
I couldn't figure anything like a certain specific day in the week when this happens.
Not very firm in estimating the time when it happens again, but I'd say it did happen more like every 2 days or so.
For instance since my previous post (2 days ago), those songs were out of my library, at least upto yesterday in the evening (around 17.00 GMT+2).
At this moment when I'm writing this (it's 8:50 GMT+2 in my place now), they are back again.

As can be seen in these 2 screen-captures:

Except for these 2 of Marc Almond & Andi Sexgang, the others are reachable directly from the library, and I can remove them. These 2 can only be reached from the above links (due to that old redirect that occurred).

I expect the next "appearance" to be on Friday, if this current pace will keep on like this.

I'll keep them intact for now, and check them from time to time to see if something will happen with them, automatically or not.

P.S. If I go to one of these artists clicking on them from my library, if I then move to that artist's page, it appears as if I have 0 scrobbles ... which is normal, of course. Just this strange issue with them in my library is wrong.
See this screen-capture for Cheb i Sabah:

the right part where my number of scrobbles should be is empty, as it should be.
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I've just started having this issue again, too. It concerns these two albums, if that helps:

New scrobbles seem to be correct, but I was cleaning these particular entries out as I had scrobbled the wrong edition.
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Hugo Fernbom

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I had 15 scrobbles coming back yesterday!
Today I tried to delete the same 15 scrobbles. Almost made it... :)

I deleted the 15 scrobbles after the March 20 scrobbles came back a few weeks ago.
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Cornel Diaconu

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Well .... the last change/restore/what was it over the database made those songs appear again in my library.
After more than a month when they were out.
I mean: around 2 days ago (on Monday, 23rd January) I experienced pretty often that error page "error 500" or something similar (the offending page displayed normal after 1 or 2 refreshes). I expected that there was something done under-the-hood, or other more important change undergoing, and thus these songs would appear again in my library; and ... today, here they are :-)

But, this time it's even stranger: deleting them does not work !!!
I mean: I go to each song's page in my libray, and click on the "delete" button; it looks like it tries to transmit the delete command to the server, but fails, and the "scrobble" re-appear on the page, in about 1-2 seconds !
Forcing shift+refresh does not help at all, this time.
It's as if these songs continue to be pinned in my library, and refuse to go away :-))
I suppose (I hope/expect) that in 1-2 days things will work well again. But is there something broken somewhere ?

P.S. deleting other scrobbles does work (I tried with other artists/songs that I wanted to remove, and it worked good).
And, I wrote that I'm sure something happened at the database level, because now the last page with my artists displays again those Chinese artists as the last ones; up until Monday, the last 4-5 ones were some artists added last week to my library !  So, this looks like something  happened to the servers.
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I still have the problems with those particular scrobblings that I can't delete.

Actually, now I compiled a long list of 86 songs that I can't remove from my library, with 3 distinct motives:
1) similar to previous mentioned songs, the system does not allow to remove: I click on remove, and instantly the scrobble comes back -- almost 100% this is due to an auto-correct, but nonetheless, removal is not possible for now;

2) there are other songs that appear in my library with 1 scrobble, but when I go to that song's page in my library, the system pretends I have none (zero scrobbles) !!!
An example:
 - in my library appears to be 1 scrobble (and this is correct !):

while at song's page seems to be zero::

so ... I have no chance even to try removing it.
My old saved history of scrobbles were of no help in this particular case (I couldn't find any "Shiek" there --- probably it was another title, a wrong one of course, it was auto-corrected to Shiek ... but which exactly was it I was unable to find ... and I'm stuck with this in my library.

3) I also have a few situations where in the library it seems that the song has 1 scrobble, but when going to that song's page in my library, I find more scrobbles !!
For instance this song: Jean Michel Jarre - Zig-Zag:
- in my library, supposedly there's 1:

but in the song's page I find 3 scrobbles:

One of these 3 it's the previous single scrobble (comming from auto-correct), and the others are OK; but ... how do i find which exactly ?
I mean, by other means then simply trying to delete all 3, and find the one the keeps getting back, as in case 1 from above (I'm sure it will come to this).

I suppose (hope) that such quirks would go away when the soon-to-be released new catalog database/system will be implemented. But isn't there any hint over schedule ?

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Jon, Community & Customer Services

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Yep, all of these problems should be fixed when the new user library backend is deployed; as you suspected they're due to the way the old system mishandles corrections. 

As for the schedule, all of my previous estimates have all been completely wrong, so I'm reluctant to suggest anything at this stage. :S  We thought it was going to be ready to start deploying last month, but Laura found some serious issues that needed to be taken care of, which has set us back by at least another month. :(  Once those have been ironed out (afaik they almost have), we should be ready to deploy it. 
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Cornel Diaconu

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I think it's better to place the following screencaptures here, and not in the recent threads about the recent new database starting to roll out for users.

Virtually all songs mentioned above are solved now (I was able to remove them from my library, in these last 2-3 days, after the launch of the new database). Not from the first attempt, but I know the new database is a dynamic installment for users, and I expected to not be able to delete all of them from the first try.

The negative part is that now I have *another* list of songs that I can't delete !
They are at the bottom of my library page, in fact all songs that now have 1 scrobble in my library do have a problem.
Motives seems almost the same: 
- either the system says I don't have any scrobble of that song, despite it does have 1 scrobble in my page of tracks in my library;
- or the deleting function don't work, song keeps coming back in my library.

I would give some illustrations:

When trying to go to each of these 2 songs, I am redirected to a +noredirect page (for instance: ) where I find no scrobble ! Identical for the other song in the above picture.
It's 100% clear it has to do with the original scrobble having those titles without accented letters, but the negative impact is that I am unable to delete these songs.

Another case:

It's clear it's the same song but with different spelling; the second one is the proper/correct one; but when I try to go the library page of each song I am directed to +noredirect pages, which have 0 scrobbles !
[edit] actually, the firest try to first song I was able to delete it (at least the symptoms were that deleting worked; but when refreshing the page of all songs, it did came back, and now it's noredirect page says I have 0 scrobbles !
As it says about the second one:

In the same style I have all the rest of the songs that exist with only 1 scrobble (in total there are around 75 such scrobbles).
Some of them are from Greek artists, which names are spelled in their original Greek alphabet (which should be the corect form, allright), some are from Russian artists, or other artists whose names are in Cyrillic spelling.
For instance this one:

At first attempt I saw 1 scrobbble, the delete option seemed to work OK, but after a refresh of the library page, the song was back, and now when trying again it's page, it says I have zero scrobbles ! But it appears on the library.

It may be that these will solve in the next days/weeks, while implementing further the new database.

But if they are special cases that address some other problem, please take them into consideration for investigating.


[EDIT] I also discovered this artist which seem to have an issue: 

but when trying the library page for that artist, I am redirected with +noredirect to which has zero scrobbles !
Again, I am unable to remove this artist from my library.
I also have scrobbles for the correct form of the name: (7 scrobbles).
Also for (same songs :-) )
The strange thing is that in an exported CSV file I have on my computer, I can count 16 apparitions on the name Bill Halley, but they are either Bill Halley, of Bill Halley & His Comets. I can't determin which one them are those 2 scrobble wring with the "and" format... So, again, I can't figure out when where they done.