Deleting/Editing Scrobble Function???

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The new site does not seem to allow the user to edit their scrobbles that might show up randomly? Is there a way around this or is this function gone forever.
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Posted 4 years ago

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Support Team, Official Rep

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Deleting scrobbles is temporarily disabled while we migrate various systems to the new platform.  It should be restored later this week.
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You should restore the old website :)
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So... don't make any mistakes for the next few days? Or use any services that might scrobble wrong titles. (ALL of them!)
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Andre Osokin

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seriously? what was the problem to finish the beta testing while having the old version up?
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While you're at it, can you restore the old website since absolutely no one likes or wants the new one?
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Paolo Sechem

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Ok let me jump on the "complain train". Some month ago the beta was opened and I tried it out. Some issues were clear but hey, that's a beta and you still had the original site so, far enough. I filled a couple of reports and sent 'em to, you know, help with my little grain of sand. Now, the beta is the only version available. I was kinda exited since i like the new layout and  the look, but after a quick lap I was deeply disappointed. There is absolutely no difference with the version we could try in the past while maintaining the original one. All the features missing then, still missing now; all the failures found then, still failing now. I mean, I tend to like changes and uploads but hell, wait until all the system, or at least the basic ones like deleting a wrong scrobble, are available.  
¡¡¡Now I've got over 20 Mariah Carey scrobbles to cope with (my father needs to learn how to change spotify users AND to stop embarrassing himself)!!!!
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"later this week" - still, after 6 days I have 20k extra scrobbles, I would like to delete a track that was duplicated 2088 times (and I still have many more other extra tracks and albums to delete) during ONE DAY and can't do it. your beta thing (it can't be called a site 'cause sites work...) pisses me off. my library is a mess, the beta is in ruins as many things does not work... I'm so outta here.
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7 days ago: "later this week" ............ I would very much like to know when it will be possible to delete all these wrong scrobbles! thanks.
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I'm also (im)patiently waiting to be able to delete hundreds of duplicate scrobbles that were added back to my account after I went to the effort to delete them the first time. At this point, it feels a bit like I and other users with erroneous charts are being punished for no good reason...
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John Paul Davies

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It's been a week... and I still can't delete scrobbles :(
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Is it coming anytime soon? I have several duplicate scrobbles as well. 
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When exactly? :o
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After the change I had to install Spotify to be able to hear my songs, but this application has advertising and do not want to use it, how then to proceed?
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I have over 5,000 duplicate scrobbles. Please do not make me manually delete them. I wish to have them automatically deleted. 
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Artur Correia

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Has this been restored already? Someone used my account and now I have 250 scrobbles of Celine Dion that I would like to delete.
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Daisy Mejia

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Similar situation for me. As it stands now you have to delete each one at a time. I really hope they restore ability to delete an artist entirely or album!
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Marcos Archer

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this is fucking ridiculous. please WAKE UP!
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Shit. I have hundreds of scrobbles that aren't mine that I need to kill.
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Ralf Marder

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