Demanding that users disable adblock = irresponsible

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Viruses and malware spread through ad networks. It happens constantly, daily at this point.

Any website that demands that users either whitelist their site or disable their adblocker is making a very unreasonable demand. That's tantamount to saying "If you want to use our site, we want you to be LESS SECURE in your browsing".

What next? Are you going to demand that users disable their antivirus as well?

This is ridiculous, people. Find another way to monetize your site. But insisting that users be less secure in order to view it is incredibly stupid, negligent, irresponsible, and childish. The Internet is not a safe place without adblockers. Period.
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I second this! The malware and trackers in todays internet makes it negligent not to have protection against both. As a matter of fact, I am currently blocking three trackers just from this thread alone, and it's in a forum. Once I get on the main site, it's not unusual to block 2 or 3 times that.
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I've been saying for awhile that I'm not willing to disable ad-blockers for any site. I whitelist acceptable advertising in ABP, because I don't want to sponge off sites for nothing, but at the same time I'm not willing to accept unvetted advertising on my computer. There's too much malicious advertising out there, and I'm not willing to accept anyone's guarantee that they won't have any of it on their site. (For that matter, for the last several months I've been disabling JavaScript on sites by default as well, and only enable it for sites which I trust and which are annoying to use or don't work at all without it.)

The only place where I ever browse without an ad-blocker is on my phone, and I almost always restrict my mobile browsing to a small number of sites with minimal or no advertising. I also don't have anything of importance on my phone that isn't backed up elsewhere, so I'm not particularly concerned whether I lose any data on it.

It's not that difficult to get ads whitelisted by ABP, and it'll enable the ads on your site to reach much larger audiences. It may cost a certain amount of revenue if you're large enough, but the cost will probably be offset by the increased revenues you'll get from doing so, because most people who use ABP (which remains by far the most widely used ad-blocker) leave the acceptable ads on. By doing this, you also gain the benefit of not annoying users who have been loyal members of your community for, at this point, well above a decade in many cases.

I understand that site costs are becoming an issue across the Internet and everyone has their own strategy to deal with it, but asking people to disable ad-blockers doesn't strike me as a productive solution. My response to AllMusic's ad-blocker message (which prevents viewing the site at all) has effectively been to stop viewing the site almost completely (though apparently, if you disable JavaScript, the message doesn't appear, so I might just leave JavaScript off on that site going forward), and when I do view it, I view it through or Google's cache - which means they getĀ no revenue from my visits, and no record of my site traffic.'s message hasn't been that bad for the last several months, but apparently they've put one like that in for the lyrics, which is monumentally stupid - there areĀ hundreds of lyrics sites on the internet that don't ask you to disable your ad-blocker to view them. That just means I'll go elsewhere if I need lyrics now.

The one time I did (accidentally) browse on desktop without an ad-blocker, I resolved never to do it again. Auto-play video ads which have sound, cover part of the screen, and can't be dismissed, only muted, are barely more acceptable than an actual virus.
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lol at asking people to subscribe after what they have done with the site. that's...very...optimistic

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