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Where are my events???? I don't even know where to find them!!!
And 2 events in my area????? Are you kidding????!!!! :\
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Posted 4 years ago

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Tea Logar

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I really loved because of events, now I can't see which events my friends are attending or I can't change location of where I am. Maybe I don't want to attend concerts only inear me. Slovenia is small and sometimes I don't might going to attend concert in other country. Also recommendations for events are not okay, I don't listen metal and of course I'm not going to attend this concerts. Why do you recommend me that 
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I can't see my events I am attending or attended. This is hte key reason I use the website, to keep track of all my gigs! I can't add a new gig for an artist either, so I don't know how I'm supposed to keep up with future gigs now........
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Crystal Nephesia Hawklaw

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I have the exact same problem!
I went to more than 100 concerts and now I can't find my events' list anymore :(
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Sahil Haq

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Same - I can't believe they have removed this?!!
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Erika Widemalm

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Same here! So disappointed!
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Tammy Pruitt

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Same here, there should be an option to download the data if nothing else.  It sounds like a lot of us chose to log our past events.  I know that I went back like 15 years to log stuff, this is a pretty major issue.  
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Matt Smith

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Events function seems pretty screwed to me as well.  Showing the wrong town, and can't find a way to correct it (worked fine under the old site).

The Events listing was the best part of for me, so a real shame to see this rendered useless to me in its current state.
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John Scotchmer

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Please could we have an update of Last Fm's intentions for Events.  I spent hours recreating a history of events going back to 1987.  I love browsing through these!  Has this information gone forever.
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Luisa Paoluzzi

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I do not think old events are lost (go to the page of the artist, choose events and then the page of the gig you went to: you'll see you attended). Still, the site sucks big time, since it's now impossible to add new events or correct information on existing ones. It is also no longer possible to suggest corrections on titles of songs or names of artists.

After the first few days it seems that no improvement has been made to the beta site, nor missing feature have been added. It looks like they think this version is fine with them, while it clearly isn't!
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Daniel Saner

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So I'm not just too blind to find the edit features. There is no way to add new events, nor can I correct false information, comment on, or flag an existing event. For instance, there is no way for me to try and mark a cancelled event as such now. Zero interaction – this redesign roll-out is really a mess, nobody seems to be in charge.
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george dedas

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Please try to restore the functionallity of Events. 
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Matt Profaci

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THIS IS COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE. Many of us have been tracking events for 10+ years and have hundreds or thousands of them listed as a personal diary. GET THIS BACK UP NOW.
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Andreas Hillenga

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Come on Last.FM. I really miss my event history. Please bring this back a.s.a.p.
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It's been two months and I can take every change, whether for better or worse, but I want events back, and I want them back now, it's been long enough.
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Benjamin Freuler

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so - event history and upcoming events are back. what's still missing for me is the following:

- see which users are attending a concert, not just how many.
- being able to add events
- pagination for upcoming events - I want to be able to jump directly to the last page of upcoming events, because that's usually where the new stuff jumps in. right now I have to click to "next page" several times, starting at page one, to get to the end
- being able to specify location, not just "near me". Planning a trip to another place or wanting to narrow the search are user needs here.
- bringing calendar feeds back

I consider these as fixes, all that worked at some point and I used these features regularly.

New feature request:

  • Ad an icon or alert or label for new upcoming events which have been added so I don't have to browse all upcoming events all the time. 
  • Being able to remove upcoming events in my personalized view if they are not relevant to me (thinking of it I think this worked before already)...

...and an architecture thing: there is 3 different places for different types of events. 
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Hans-Jürgen, Moderator

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right now I have to click to "next page" several times, starting at page one, to get to the end
For now you should be able to change the URL in your browser to the last page.
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Sharon K

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I live near Vancouver, BC Canada. I used to get 'event's for Vancouver but on this new beta I have never had an event show up.

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