Exporting your Last.fm listening history to Spotify playlists

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In the meantime direct playback in the Spotify desktop client of all available Last.fm radio stations or on-demand from any Last.fm page showing tracks has been implemented on the new site and works reliably - most of the time. ;-) The direct playback did not work in Spotify's mobile apps or in their web player in the past, but nowadays you can switch playback from the desktop client to any Spotify Connect app listed under the related icon in the lower right corner next to the volume slider. That includes their web player (if started in parallel to the desktop client), their mobile apps and all other Spotify apps on game consoles, smart TVs, WLAN speakers etc. You can also try the split-screen mode of newer Android devices to open your Last.fm profile in one half and the Spotify Android app in the other half of the screen. All this only works if you have a Spotify Premium account though.

Furthermore having your complete Last.fm listening history available as Spotify playlists is also useful for getting better recommendations within Spotify, because they suddenly know much more about your musical taste than before. For example their new Daily Mix feature with up to six mixtapes from parts of your library benefits from that, but also your Discover Weekly and Release Radar playlists.

In a pinned thread of the old "Last.fm for Spotify" support group I described how to export your complete Last.fm listening history with the online tool Last.fm to csv and import it as one or more large playlists in Spotify with Ivy. The new tool Tune My Music to which the old URL redirects now can be used as a replacement, as it also allows CSV file uploads. With a little extra work you can also use e.g. Playlist Converter, Soundiiz, Stamp, a Windows Powershell script or the textbox of Spotlistr for this conversion.

As there is a 10k tracks limit for single playlists in Spotify, you may have to edit the downloaded CSV file if it is longer than that, e.g. in Excel, LibreOffice Calc or another spreadsheet application. Furthermore you can delete unnecessary data like the album and scrobble date columns as well as duplicate scrobbles and also sort it.

You can listen to your Last.fm library again in Spotify if you play these large playlists from one playlist folder in their desktop client in shuffle mode, their mobile app folders unfortunately do not offer this option since March 2017 anymore. If you need more info or have questions about this method, please ask in this thread.
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