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Is now forcing autocorrect? Because I still have my "auto-correct" option unchecked and my Emilie Simon scrobblings are now redirected to Émilie Simon (which is awful because none of her official art shows her name with the accent mark on "E"). Also I noticed the new website messed my Emilie Simon albums scrobblings and duplicated them. It ruined my personal album charts.
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Forcing autocorrect may help clean up some of the mess in the artist charts. And if something is wrong we can suggest corrections.

A compromise would be to have it show as whatever you scrobble it as on your profile, but that it is autocorrected into the shared database.
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Juan Morales

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Yeah, I don't have any problem with auto-correct if it is autocorrected just for the shared database but I think I should be free to display the names I want in my user profile at least. I mean, I take extreme care of my tags so my profile is not messy or duplicate. Still, I don't understant why the "upgrade" had to duplicate my Emilie albums, it's a mess.
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This is happening to me too with my top two tracks for the past month since the update... Really sucks because it is autocorrecting to a completely different artist just because they have the same last name. ugh.
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I noticed the opposite - Émilie Simon now displays as Emilie Simon in my library despite me only ever having scrobbled with the accented name. What's going on?
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I hate this. I have it turned off for a reason - there's way to much that's incorrectly redirecting. Suggesting corrections was hardly ever successful in the past.
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Auto Correct worked wrong even on old site, and they DIDN'T FIX it at all. Just made it WORSE in new verion. Congratulation. 
I couldn't scrobble around 10 artists because of wrong Auto-Correct which worked even if turned it off but no one gave a damn about that. And ofcourse they were too lazzy to think how to solve so they created for marketing this new version as CBSi ordered them and threw everything good from old version and included all the worst in new one or broken one features from old..
awfully unprofessional and unmature.
I just can't believe that they have also supportes here like that Chris person who absolutely doesn't see anything behind his own nose...
feel sorry for this site. But I want just my data back while I wait for someone other to present us similar thing for music like old so we can migrate there to continue enjoying music for real.
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I sent like a 100 correct names for songs that were listed wrong, even simple ones that had like "03" in front of the title, to be corrected. None of them were. I don't see why they'd fix it now when clearly everything is broken. Maybe they can fix it somewhere in the (hopefully) not too distant future.
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Is there an official reply on this? It really sucks. =[
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I had autocorrect turned off because of so much incorrect autocorrecting. This is really annoying.
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Even though I have autocorrect turned off, some of my artists are still autocorrecting. Will this be fixed?
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Is there a chance of getting this problem fixed anytime soon? Please.

All songs scrobbled for this artist (found the url by chance, no scrobbles go there)

end up at the profile of this artist:

The Vio used to have a separate profile without being labeled with "noredirect" before the relaunch of the site.
Now all their songs aren't even listed at each page.
Here's a proof of my scrobbles:
Cannot click on the albums also.

Is it an automated thing (latin to kyrillian) that can be fixed? I'd really need this artist page back.

Would appreciate any sort of answer/advice/help! Thanks.

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