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Preparing a good background banner to upload it to an artist profile is becoming more important with the changed header design of As the first/top voted image in landscape format is automatically chosen for the background, it makes sense to upload a banner image for this purpose and vote for it. Analysing the header in your browser you can find the currently used dimensions for the background image: 705x128p.

But of course it is also possible to use other landscape formatted pictures, just keep in mind that portrait formats will be ignored. A broader picture will also work and appear a bit sharper then, but avoid narrow pictures below 700p if you can. If the faces of the artist / bandmembers are in the upper part of a landscape picture, it should work quite well as a background banner, preferably those which do not show any empty space above their heads, because automatically picks this part of the image for the background.

As the top voted landscape picture of the artist from your current top track is also used on your user profile for the background, it makes sense as well to search for it in the related artist pictures and downvote it if you would like to change it or upvote if you want to keep it.
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Posted 3 years ago

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I wish there was an option to make cropped versions for the library & banners when you upload a photo, similar to what you can do on a YouTube channel where Google lets you make various crops for different browsers and such.
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There are several freeware image viewers and editors for Windows, e.g. I use XnView MP, but you can also crop an image with the internal Photo app of Windows 10.
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I don't mean literally just uploading a cropped version though. The image would still be uploaded and appear in the gallery in full rez, but the cropped versions saved to the server and only used specifically for the banner or whatever. 
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No disrespect, Hans-Jurgen, I know you're only trying to be of help, but this is just such a fudge and kind of underlines how stupid this header idea is - certainly from the perspective of what images it uses to fill the space.

With this new design, users effectively have to vote for two images in one set of photos, all the while remembering with the 2nd one (for the header) it has to be the first landscape image and of the dimensions of 705x128p (or something appropriate).

We have enough issues agreeing on a standard image for the main, as this image can look good on the artist's page but terrible in our library (still holding out hope that large, beautiful image grids return to our libraries...........), NOW we have to try and all remember to vote for a header image which may well be the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc image.
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Honestly it's too much of a hassle. The way it is now I have my top tracks set by default to all-time because my top track just ain't going to change anytime soon and to be perfectly honest i can live with my page displaying any part of Richard D. James' anatomy (forehead, ears, nose, brows, you name it.) 
But that's not my preference. I'd like to set my top tracks to last 7 days (reminiscent of the good ole weekly charts - remember those?) but as the top track changes frequently I get frustrated with the header issue so i have resorted to setting it to all-time for the time being. 
I just can't worry about this issue too. I try to upload missing artwork whenever i can and vote for incorrect track names etc., but the truth is I don't spend all day online/browsing 
So, yes, while I appreciate your post Hans-Jurgen, I hope we don't have to live with this header and those options permanently. 
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Lol so it's users' responsibility to accommodate for lastfm's absurd, never-asked-for addition? okay...
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This really isn't a solution at all. Like others said, we have enough trouble agreeing on a main image. I'm tired of having to put up with the awful quality main images for almost all of the artists in my library as it is, nevermind also asking us to put up with awful headers we don't want but were outvoted for too. There are already too many horrible quality and not suitable images uploaded by users. These have been uploaded for a long time and so have collected a lot of votes and barely anyone votes up new and better quality images so we're just stuck with them.I can't believe anyone thought this whole voting system would ever be a good idea.

There should be more restrictions and requirments for uploads and existing images that don't meet them should be deleted if we're going to make this work.

We can't customise our profiles at all and we're now being told to just deal with the header looking ugly too. It makes everyone just not want to visit the site anymore. It's an eyesore.