Delete an entire Artist, Album, or Track from my library

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I am thrilled that we can delete scrobbles again, but... how come there's no option to delete a track or an artist from my library? Before we could do it quickly, now we'll have to delete scrobble by scrobble?
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Posted 5 years ago

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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled WHEN will be possible to delete a whole artist or track from library?.

Man, come on. We are asking you this for over a year!!! I'm a user since 2010, and seriously, lastfm was perfect, even with some breakdows one time or another. The library's desing was pretty, the "about me" was so cool, and now you turned it into a list and a simple bio. Okay, i'm not here to talk about the desing, but the functions. You took away from us a lot of useful functions in 2015 (!!!!), it's 2017 and we still need deleting scrobble by scrobble, this is ridiculous. Probably, new users don't know how awful this situation is, but who has been here since the glory days, knows how you're foolishing us. So, PLEASE, give us a answer, this function was on your "things to do" list on dezember of 2015 and still on hold. I'm pissed.
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They are just foolishing us. 1 year "under consideration" zZzZzZzzzz.
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targetspot I'm looking at you.

Seriously, we need the ability to remove (and by extension block) selected tracks, artists, albums and we need it soon than later.
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i tried since ages to delete a few scrobbles from a band called wildpath, but when i click into delete it fades away but soon reapears. Can't you last fm FIX THIS?
Also like everyone said we should be able to delete an artist by itself, not just track by track.
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This is by far one of the most popular threads on the forum, so it would be nice to know if this feature/tool is being treated as a priority, since thread popularity is meant to be a characteristic used by Last FM to help determine what needs addressing...
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LMAO "under consideration" after 2 YEARS. They really don't give a rat's ass about us!
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it have to comeback
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"under consideration"
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