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If an artist you have scrobbled is appearing under an incorrect name in your library on the site, the current procedure for reporting it depends on the cause.

In short:
  • Autocorrections cannot currently be added, changed or removed by  This is currently being worked on.
  • Incorrect autocorrections (when the correct artist name corrects to an incorrect name) can be reported in this thread. is currently only gathering examples of these, and cannot presently act upon them. Once it is possible to amend and remove autocorrections again, these cases will be fixed.
  • Cases of incorrect capitalisation (when an artist name is correct, but their name is formatted wrong) can be reported in this thread.
  • Artist names that should be autocorrected, but are not currently doing so, can be flagged on the artist page (by answering the Yes/No question on the right-hand side of the desktop site).
If you are unsure which case applies to the incorrect artist name you wish to report, please read on.

In full:
If you are scrobbling an artist under the correct name and it is then appearing on under the wrong name, this is the result of an incorrect autocorrection. Autocorrections map one artist name to another, merging their scrobbles and other data. (Correcting, for example, Marshall Mathers to Eminem, and The Kaiser Chiefs to Kaiser Chiefs.) Most of the time, you wouldn't notice an autocorrection, however when these are incorrect it can be jarring.

Autocorrections cannot currently be added, changed or removed by Bringing back the ability to do so is a top priority of the development team, and work is currently ongoing. This means that incorrect redirections, such as Noah Cyrus to Miley Cyrus, cannot currently be removed and are frozen for the moment.

To report incorrect autocorrections, use the form on this page. Again, cannot currently act upon these reports, but all cases will be processed once it is possible to do so. (Your scrobbles will automatically change to the correct name once this happens, so do keep scrobbling!)

If you are scrobbling an incorrect artist name that should correct but does not currently do so, this is the because an autocorrect does not currently exist. This is especially common for new artists. Because autocorrects cannot currently be added, it is not possible to amend this for the moment. You can note such cases to us on the page of the incorrect artist name, when asked "Is [artist name] the correct name for this artist?" on the right-hand side of the desktop site. Select "No", and this will be logged in the system for reference at a later date.

If an artist name is correct, but is capitalised wrong, this is the result of an incorrect capitalisation in the database. (For example, if Kendrick Lamar was formatted KeNdRiCk LaMaR, this would be an incorrect capitalisation.) These cases can be changed by the team, and can be reported via the form on this page.

(Note that artist capitalisation cannot be changed when two or more artists share a page, thus defaulting to standard capitalisation, even when one artist is much more famous than the others. For example, Him cannot be changed to all capitals. Also, note that it is a current trend for certain artists to display their name on social media and streaming services in block capitals even if their artist name is otherwise regular case.)

If you are unsure if an artist name is correct, please refer to multiple sources (e.g. MusicBrainz, Discogs, AllMusic, the artist's own website and social media accounts) and our artist naming guidelines before reporting.
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