How to autocorrect album names?

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Since they don't get merged, I would like to autocorrect them when scrobbling with Spotify.
For example here:

There is one album called 'I' and the other 'I - The 1st Mini Album'. I would like 'I - The 1st Mini Album' (this is how it is on Spotify) to be redirected to 'I'. How can I do that?
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Posted 2 years ago

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The system is supposed to auto-correct and merge identical albums, but it still needs a lot of work before it's functioning correctly. If you're Scrobbling from Spotify, there's not a whole lot you can do, as you can't change the metadata tags like you can with locally stored files.

One option is to delete this album from your Scrobbling history and use the Universal Scrobbler to add them back with your preferred album tags. Of course, if you Scrobble the album again using Spotify, you'll run into the same problem.

You can also vote for the correct album title on each album page. Hopefully, that will help the system determine which is the correct title in the future. 
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As it is not you can't suggest corrections (but with the new catalogue is seem we will be able to suggest album corrections, something that was impossible in the old
What you can do is to vote yes or no on if it's correct.
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"... What you can do is to vote yes or no on if it's correct."
The voting system for artists, albums & tracks on is even worse than on GetSat. Experienced users need to wonder whether it works at all.
Needed is a quantifying orientation for a better understanding and motivation.
E.g. "X number of votes left for change" in case of a cut-off system, or in case of a democratic system " x numbers vote for THIS, y numbers vote for THAT". A pie chart for example can be helpfull.
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I never had the impression that voting system worked. A notorious example is perhaps Charles Mingus - "The Black Saint And The Sinner Lady" which has a lot (70.5k scrobbles, 26k listerners) of wrong scrobbles as "The Black Saint and The Sinner". In the comment section you have people yelling for years (with comments going back 10 freakin years) the correct title. Then the album voting came I believe about 3 or 4 years ago and guess what....nothing changed.
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I've been using Vinyl Scrobbler and Universal Scrobbler, and it also has the same problem. It takes the artist and/or album names from Discogs, and sometimes the names are different in Discogs than is, so that always creates the double page. And yes - that voting system doesn't work at all. I am quite sure no one in is doing anything about it. Would be fair if we users could edit the artist/album/track names from our scrobbles, if we see that our scrobbles are going into wrong pages... but as this is just a 'community support', I don't think is doing anything about it.