i guess the complaints have been quiet down?

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I hadn't seen anyone upset about the new design on here in awhile. 
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Posted 4 years ago

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1. Denial
2. Anger
3. Bargaining
4. Depression
5. Acceptance <- we are in this stage now

At this point it's pretty much clear that we won't be getting the old site back so the people who have chosen to stay can only hope that at least we get back key features like sidebar customization.
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And it's ever so hard to accept that you're in acceptance!
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There's nothing we can do. No one has made a viable alternative. They changed the site and are too stubborn to admit that it sucks compared to the old one. There isn't much else we can do other than stop using the site which I have done to an extent. I barely ever check my page anymore because there is nothing there... They stripped out everything that made the site fun. Myself and a lot of others will eventually stop coming here altogether. They'll probably change their tune when they realize a huge chunk of their users are no longer around.
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if i cannot get back my "radio stations" I will be gone!
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I've accepted that I now have to find a new home :(
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I've grown to care less about my charts since the redesign. I can't be assed to click a few more times to see them all unlike before. I thank last.fm for fixing an obsession, I guess.
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Yeah but it means LESS MUSIC DISCOVERY which ain't good!!
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Yes. I wish Svetlana would come back here
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Be careful what you wish for
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She was likely banned along with the others.
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Sounds like 1984
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Resistance is futile.
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Onward and upward....
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Maybe people just left? This forum is the only place I still visit sometimes.
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I tried to cope with the new site, I really tried, but I can't.

 The shift to beta vanished a huge amount of scrobbles from my profile from last July-August. I don’t understand how the updating of the appearance of the site would do that (erase my month old scrobbles), but it did.

 Then we had a loooong period when all the scrobbles went to cache, and when they finally went to the site, some of them disappeared.  And just when we recovered from this, last Friday something went haywire again and all of our scrobbles for that day disappeared. This time none of them were cached or anything, they just permanently vanished: https://getsatisfaction.com/lastfm/topics/scrobbling-doesnt-work-and-songs-are-not-being-cached-eith...

Although this is nothing new with Last.fm and scrobbling, somehow I feel that this is the last straw for me. I'm simply tired with all the problems and bugs, not to mention all scrapped features from the site which we the users loved. Before the beta launch I greatly enjoyed browsing my listening data and statistics, I wrote journals and made playlists based on the statistics, and so on. Now I cannot do that anymore simply due to the fact that the statistics are presented annoyingly or broken, and because all the scrobbling issues, they're not correct. Not to mention that the journals or the ability to write them are all taken away.

It was fun while it lasted. I guess I'll keep my scrobbler on while listening to music because whythefucknot, but I won't be going to my profile page to view my statistics or anything like that anymore.  It saddens me that the site has come to this point, but I guess there's no turning back now since the staff won't change the site back and they clearly aren't able to fix the problems users are experiencing. With all my favorite things taken away, there's just no point for me to use the site anymore. So no, there's no acceptance from me, I'm done.

Thanks and bye. 

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I'm still waiting for the "about me" to return. My old info is still there but it won't show up on the site. It might show up when I change it but I won't be changing it until we can have widgets etc. again.
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since i quit from scrobbling on Aug, 18, i noticed my laptop running much smoother.
No way of returning, Twitter and Facebook turned to be the real deal.
Interesting also, when artists like Bob Dylan have only 50 tracks listed, same as any noboy wannabe.
And i'm so happy with those 200 characters thrown at me, to individualise my profile, i used it like this:
Farewell Last.fm more than 7 years, been a nice ride but your 'facelift' has killed everything i used to like about you and R. I. P.
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No more scrobbling is actually a good thing. No more obsessing over stats.
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I left :-(  I sometimes check this forum in the hopes of seeing a "we were just kidding!"-post from the team. Maybe it was all a bad dream, right? Maybe I can get my stations back.
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No scrobbles since august 17, and I can say it's been a mayor MEH leaving this site (even though I was this close to 200K scrobbles). I'm still alive, right? I might come back if /until they implement the missing features I want back. I'm looking for an alternative though, but nobody seems to have stepped up and taken advantage of the situation :/

Also, acceptance is the worst way to stand one's ground and demand a service, but to each their own right? Scrobble away!
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Acceptance that things aren't going to change...not that we like the new design!  
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Of course we don't like this desing at all.

But all our bad feedback has been useless so...

I only use thi now as a scrobble counting from time to time.

This is not a music stat page (with some ok social features) anymore. As well as its neither (now) a music social media.

This has become kinda useless...
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Not really any point in complaining anymore.  Just letting the site die, as it is going to.
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I scrobble but rarely visit. The design is laughably bad. What idiots thought this was a good idea. Unbelievable. 
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A lot of the complaints and outrage have already been stated. There's little to no response from the staff about these changes, and there's little point in stating the same things again and again, the staff just plain ignores it. I hate being left in the dark for so long, I've just absolutely stopped visiting since the new update. There's nothing there for me anymore.
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What you say is negative. All complaints are there, but the treat they have received users by Last.fm has been horrible. So no one wants to hear about this anymore.

Last.fm has lost much and will continue to lose, unless they return to something positive for users. Or they will simply disappear as MySpace.
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The link coming directly here from the user pages isn't up anymore. I'm sure that cut down on complaints.
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Yeah, same thought.

There. Was. Just. Too. Much. Feedback.
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I check my page once a day and hope that the features that are important to me have returned but it keeps disappointing me, especially missing the events :( I sent an email and left several messages on this forum but noone seems to bother to give an explanation or deadlines. So nothing left to do i guess? So sad :(

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