I wish I could see a list with all the common artists I have with someone

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Posted 2 years ago

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Me too. A more in-depth view of our compatibility with other users would be very useful. 
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Me three. It's worth noting that the taste-o-meter used to list five similar artists. Since the site "upgrade" it only lists three on desktop, and none at all on mobile. I've yet to hear an explanation for this.
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Me four. This gives a better picture of how compatible you actually are, especially if you've been on Last.fm for a long time and/or your taste has changed substantially over time. Would also help when making recommendations.
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Can't guarantee that this will be done, but I'll certainly write a ticket for it.

Edit: A ticket has also been written to display the "You both listen to..." bit on mobile as well.
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I'd love this to be implemented! it'd be awesome if we could find out exactly how many artists we have in common with a follower, especially useful when both users have big libraries with thousands of artists.
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YES, yes, YES!
I'm a bit of an anxious person and it hurts a bit when following people, because I have a diverse taste spanning a lot of genres and styles, and sometimes I just have a 3-10 artists in common with someone and I can SEE that this person has listened to them, but somehow the taste-o-meter doesn't even show one artist! And it only contributes to my anxiety when someone sees that I've been listening recently to, for example, trap rap, but they're avid metalheads, so they might not "pick up" that I listen to metal too, cuz there is no direct way to see every common thing we're listening to, so I often feel like I have to leave very detailed music-oriented comments, or just "follow and run away". Argh.
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I'd love this too - that way we'd get to know which follower we have the most artists in common with and that would be super useful for knowing who to "stalk" in search for new music