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There was a thread in the old forum where we could request the fixing of artist, album and song titles with incorrect capitalization by a dedicated team of moderators. Will this be possible with the new database/ If so... can I be cheeky and request the following amendments please? :)

tess parks and anton newcombe >> Tess Parks and Anton Newcombe
painted shut >> Painted Shut
ffs >> FFS
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Official Response
Hopefully this won't be necessary when the new catalogue is deployed.  Catalogue normalisation should address the problem of spellings and capitalisations by comparing numerous catalogues to determine the correct tracklistings and spellings, and also filtering out obvious junk tags (e.g. from Spotify).  Realistically though, I can't see it working flawlessly on the first shot -- so when there are edge cases not caught by the normalisation system, we'll be looking to the community to bring these to our attention so we can make adjustments and figure out the best way to address them without having to ask individual staff or moderators to make manual changes to the database.  

In my mind that would be a corrections system that's more transparent and actually responsive to user voting (compared to the old one, which was a sort of black box and didn't seem to work well for artists in the long tail), but we're also considering something similar to the way video suggestions work (if you suggest a correction it automatically changes to that spelling for you personally, and counts as a vote towards that spelling globally).  We're also discussing the possibility of rewarding and empowering members of the community who make frequent and good contributions to the site, without necessarily making them a 'moderator', per se.  Simple things like additional privileges to correct capitalisations or slightly increasing the weight of their votes *might* fall into that category, though I have to qualify that by stressing that these are not concrete plans -- we're not quite ready to say whether this is something we're actually going to pursue, and how it would work in practise. It's still to be determined.

So, there are different approaches we can take, and I've only mentioned a few here as examples; but to answer your question, as I've said before, ideally I want to move away from a (broken imho) model where the community has to ask the moderation team to make changes to the catalogue, who in turn have to ask individual staff members to make manual corrections to catalogue pages. That just perpetuates the problem and is frustrating for all concerned.  Instead we should be moving to place where, more often than not, the website makes the right decision automatically, and when it doesn't, it's responsive to community suggested corrections.  Manual changes should only happen in instances where we're legally obliged to change something (e.g. someone accidentally scrobbles their email address or phone number).
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I like the way Musicbrainz does it. Most changes are open for 7 days for the community to vote on and if nobody votes, it gets applied automatically. I don't know how they handle abuse or draws, but it's way better than the system here, both on the better site and this beta abomination.
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Wouldn't it be best just to try to find the track on Musicbrainz and apply its capitalisation if it exists? Though, that said, there are things about MB's standards I don't like (why the hell are Japanese artists' English titles given a different standard than literally every other language in the database?). But it would improve things a lot to start with that as a base, at least. Nearly every track on Ulver's latest album displays with all caps and it's pissing me the hell off.

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