Ipod classic scrobbles being cached but not added to site.

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Is anyone else having an issue with their scrobbles from an ipod classic being cached but not moving to the site proper? Is this because the data migration is still in progress or do I need to redownload the scrobbler?
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Posted 4 years ago

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My iPod Classic scrobbles are also being cached.  As are scrobbles from my iMac itself...
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i am scrobbling via a third-party app, isproggler, but yeah - my ipod scrobbles have been ridiculously incomplete the last two days, and i can't tell if they will show up sometime down the road or what the story is. here's my thread: https://getsatisfaction.com/lastfm/topics/incomplete-scrobbling
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Yeah, got stuff from iTunes and from iPod showing up in scrobbler program, but not in my Library online.
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Matthew Suggs

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So I've tried following all of the suggestions from last.fm in the sidebar and can't complete any of them because whenever I click on the link to redownload the scrobbler all I get is a "502 Bad Gateway" error page. Which in wonderful since I decided to uninstall the scrobbler before trying any of this, so I won't be able to scrobble anything until they fix this.
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I have also been having this problem. Everything from my ipod or itunes gets cached but not submitted. Its frustrating. Has anyone found a solution yet?
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Yeah, the Last.fm Scrobbler has been caching everything since the new site went live.

Without scrobbling, what is the point of this website?
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It sounds like a rhetorical question, but I'm starting to think the point of the new web site is something none of us signed up for.
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Yep Last.fm scrobbler caching my tracks too, but isproggler is working also can scrobble from Spotify

Submissions still showing as critical on the last.fm status page
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Yep, I can only scrobble from Spotify to get the plays to actually appear on the website. When I scrobble from iTunes/my iPhone it submits from the Audioscrobbler program, but does not appear on the website. This needs to get fixed.

I am happy to wait for some of the features we were used to (as long as it isn't too long), but if I cannot track my listening, then I would do better to just manually enter my plays into an Excel spreadsheet.
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Ipod as well as Itunes scrobbles are being cached but not added to my profile here since yesterdayish.
It keeps them for 2 weeks right? Hope it will be fixed soon (as in, today).

I've seen more threads like this, an official response giving clarity about this would be nice now.
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It's like they committed mass suicide over there or something. They respond to absolutely nothing. It really pisses me off, as I want to know what the hell they are doing.

You cannot scrobble from anything else then Spotify, as far as I know.

You keep your cached scrobbles for 2 weeks? I hope so, ánd I hope they fix this in that time period. I don't want to lose all those plays...
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I've sent in a question about the caching, but no reply.  The submission part of the system appears to be down though.
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I tweeted to them about it and they sent me this link: https://getsatisfaction.com/lastfm/topics/scrobbles-stuck-in-cache-and-wont-submit-and-how-to-troubl...

Submissions is labeled "critical" on the status page, so I guess we'll have to wait for that to get better. Hope they're working on it now

oh well, as long as the plays don't get lost it's ok i guess
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I'm having the exact same problem. I can scrobble from Itunes on my computer, but plays from my Ipod classic have just been cached for three days now. REALLY frustrating. 
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My ipod touch does the same thing. Incredibly annoying.
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And when they had JUST fixed the scribbler after like half a year of it not working with iTunes! So frustrating!

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