How do I vote on features and ideas I would like to see implemented?

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If you see an idea or feature in the GetSatisfaction support community that you would like to see implemented, please click on the "Vote" button at the top of the thread page.

Ideally, only one thread should exist per suggestion. It is beneficial, and helps staff to prioritise to potential features, if duplicates are not created. Therefore, if you have an idea for a site feature, please search first. One highly voted for thread is more likely to result in a feature being added than several smaller threads.

For a more detailed explanation, please see staff member Jon's official response below.

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Official Response
Elliot, Samitha, I appreciate your efforts -- there's nothing more I'd like to see here than the community collaborating together and posting constructive feedback --  however, as I said before (quoted above) GetSatisifaction already supports voting for features. Please use the vote / me-too buttons to express interest in new ideas or missing features, as I'm using this, and only this, as an indication of interest.  

There are several reasons for this: mainly, the getsat staff interface is designed around it, and offers us quite powerful sorting, searching, tagging, and filtering options, which I can use for report generation.  I can't do that if your votes are in a single thread, with likes instead of real votes.  

If you haven't seen already, you can see which Ideas have the most votes here (spoilers: it's usernames).  You can sort any Category, and any Conversation type, by using the dropdown where it says "Recent Activity".

I have access to a slightly more advanced sorting interface, that means I can already see which ideas are the most popular this month, week, year, and so on.  Same with which are the most persistent problems, etc.

I can't stress this enough: it's in everyone's interest to ensure that there is ONE thread per idea / problem, and that members of the community are encouraged to reply and vote there.  This is how GetSatisfaction is designed to work; it helps other members find the relevant information they're looking for; and it will help me a ton in getting your feedback across to the team, as it means less overhead to manage.  Whereas having duplicate threads per issue will dilute your feedback, and makes it impossible for us to track and communicate updates.  Likewise, having one centralised, epic mega-thread is good for indexing issues (in the short term), but causes a lot of overhead and I suspect it won't scale well. 

So if you really want to help, I would strongly encourage you to change the voting thread to at least link to the main conversation of each issue listed.  For example Username changing is being discussed here.  This is especially important if a staff member has already replied to the issue.  Then encourage people to make use of the voting and follow buttons in those respective threads, rather than liking individual posts (which are designed to promote helpful individuals, not issues). 

Some other pointers to get the most out of our forums:
  • Duplicate threads, please let me know if you find them, so I can merge them into one single topic (this will add their 'me-too' votes together).
  • Please use Ideas for new features and feature requests (including features that used to exist on the site).  Things you would like, that would make better.
  • Please restrict Problems to bug reports only.  i.e. software that's already implemented on the website, but not working as expected / designed. I know it's a "problem" that, e.g. groups aren't built, but for the sake of sorting, please post as an idea so that it shows up in the right place.
  • Please do not tag new topics as "Website, Scrobbling, API" to raise visibility.  That's super lame, creates unnecessary moderator overhead, and won't endear us to your issue.  Use website for issues with the website; scrobbling for issues with the desktop and mobile apps; API for genuine developer api issues.

Lastly, I need to stress that the number of votes is no guarantee or commitment that we will build a given feature, or what order we will prioritise work.  I have a meeting with the product team every week where I discuss what's going on in the community, and I'm committed to communicating the issues you raise here, but ultimately it's their decision on what gets worked on.

Please understand that we have to balance the needs of our core community, against our own business goals, and the needs of other stakeholders (e.g. anonymous visitors; new users; subscribers; cbs management; product; marketing; ad & sales; third party partners; artists and labels; and many more).  This means that often the team are working on software that has adds no visible functionality to the site (for example, showing error messages when you try to sign up with an invalid username; migrating the site to https; making the site mobile friendly; creating modtools to deal with spam), or stuff that has marginal interest to you (lyrics; videos; editorial), but nonetheless help our business objectives, which in the long run will help us build the stuff you want. 

Thanks for understanding,