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Hi, last.fm!

I came up to an idea, if there's any possibility to create lists (option) on last.fm website, such as music lists, favorite music lists by genres, favorite artists lists by custom, not just ones we've scrobbled. If it sounds good enough, please, do not hesitate to share your thoughts!

P.S. I couldn't find similar thread anywhere in this forum. My deepest excuses if I somehow break the rule which is written up above. Also, (I'm not an experienced user in this last.fm forum)
so, I might have missed something, and/or wrongly categorized my idea to an unrelated topics I check-marked down below. Sorry!

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Moozy Mathers

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Posted 2 years ago

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colored lights

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Sounds good to me!  User created lists for their own profile, or maybe like a personal blog type of section where you can post about whatever you like, including lists.  Hopefully someday :)
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Journals were a great way to share lists of shows you've attended, favorite albums and other things. I hope they come back someday.
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Well, we used to have playlists and journals before the big update. So maybe again someday.
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I think you mean creating playlists perhaps, or adding artists to your library that you haven't scrobbled? Like ohgod mentioned, creating user playlists was possible on the old site, and they are still readable, i.e. you can still check them on a backup server, but not play them anymore. It is one of those features that may come back some day, but due to other more important issues this would take much time. In the meantime you can use personal tags which act quite similar to playlists, i.e. you can tag tracks, albums or artists with whatever you want, e.g. a genre or a mood, but also with "Moozy Mathers' Favorites" and find the list for each of your tags on your profile. On the tag pages you can play a tag radio with a play button, but not the individual tracks list.

Adding artists etc. to your library without scrobbling them is also a feature waiting for its comeback, see this FAQ:

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It was mid of 2012 when I first joined last.fm, though, I do not consider myself as an old school site user, although, I remember pre beta last.fm, but didn't know it had that feature back then, as I occasionally used to participate in any kind of features. I still think that an old last.fm stood with its best features, and accessibility, (as many old school users say so).

Anyway, thanks for your feedback, last.fm community!

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I think something like people can do on Rateyourmusic, or like people can do for movies on IMDB, would be brilliant. It'd be a cool feature to see added down the line when less pressing matters need to be addressed.
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Moozy Mathers

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I don't think last.fm is made for rating and reviewing music, but hey, that's a nice slice of an idea, and it sounds absolutely handy! If that's possible, so be it! I'm only in!