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All-time scrobbles completely messed up in library, with hundreds and thousands of scrobbles missing from all-time plays.
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Cliff O'Neill

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  • upset

Posted 4 years ago

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Les Sawyer

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38, 500+ scrobbles and 1002+ artists now down to 27 scrobbles and 10 artists??????????????? WTF!
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Jorge Do Carmo

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My entire library is gone, for an hour ago i had something like 6000 scrobbles in overall, now it's just what i was listening when it happened.
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Daniel Andersen

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Oh, wow... All scrobbles GONE!
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Jim Anderson

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FFS. Now everything is gone. That's not how you fix the issue!!
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Mateusz Janecki

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The same happened to me just a few minutes ago.. My entire library is gone, could you do something about it? My user name is ApolloPL, I hope it can be recover
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Matt Ford

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All my scrobbles are gone. I've been using avidly for nearly ten years. That's at least 120,000 scrobbles. Just a tad annoying... 
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Ramon Groenendijk

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I had more than 300k scrobbles since 2007. WTF
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Jimi Nilsson

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Same shit here. Wtf is happening!? 340 000 scrobbles are gone!
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Anastasia Liddell

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I have the same problem... What's going on?
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I hope the problem will be solved. 
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Jowita Agnieszka Czubek

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hello, my entirely library is also gone, like 7 years of scrobbling. could you please turn it back lol? user: zaganski
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Over 110k scrobbles gone. Way to go, putting unfinished beta as a main site.
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Xia Xing

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more than 160k just disappeared...
that's pretty cool, guys, yeah
when are you going to stop doing this to 
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Is anyone really surprised? Maybe it's just as well.
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Alexandra Lisovskaya

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Thousands of scrobbles just disapheared. The library's completely gone and it's all back to zero. 0 f-g scrobbles since 2007. Gosh.
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Daniel Andersen

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My scrobbles are now back, but the numbers ain't quite right.
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Matt Ford

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And we're back. Thanks to whoever did whatever you did!
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It just happened to me too. It keeps going back and forth between normal and all gone. I made a similar post before i saw this one.
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Official Response
Hi everyone,

Sorry for all this trouble. All your scrobbles should be back now, and I hope that those of you who had incorrect counts, that looks better now, too?

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Cornel Diaconu

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Well ... unfortunatelly, for me they are still wrong.
I can't state how much scrobbles my or may not lack from my library; what I definitely can say for sure: total number of loved tracks is a bit smaller (2793 instead of 2800); also, total number of artists seem still smaller, but I don't remember exactly the number from 2 days ago, so I am not able to say clearly how many.
Strange thing is that the most recent loved tracks are there, OK, in the list, but the total number is clearly smaller.
Also, total number of artists in my homepage differes from the total displayed when I go to my library (last page) -- the last one is <6 than the fist.

Also, they still persist some inconsistencies when I look at my library page, and check some artists (the other example I have on this thread, which is merged from another topic I started earlier, is still the same as illustrated on that example !
I have also other artists that look like I have 2 scrobbles in the library page, but when checking them individually, they have 0 scrobbles ! (most are like that, with 0 scrobbles ! -- so if I want to delete them from my library, I just can't do it, because of this inconsistency in displaying the artists).
I would gladly give up all those small differences, if this  issue with different number of scrobbles in the library compared to those artists are solved (some of them I really wish to delete from my library).
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Dustin Prewitt

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the scrobble history seems to be arbitrarly splitting my listening history of certain albums between variations of album title spellings (i.e. dividing scrobbles from Exile on Main Street between and I do not like this.  It creates an inaccurate representation of listening history, album rankings, and removes an element of control in the organization of my library.  there is a reason why I do not select the option to auto-correct name spellings.  this needs to be resolved, so at least my scrobbles will appear under one album title and not divided between two titles for the same album
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Cornel Diaconu

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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled What's this mess in the database ?.

What happened these last 2 days ?!?

How this case can even be possible ? ... take a look at this captures:
-- in my library I see this number of scrobbles for the artist "Dimension presents Oceano":
... so, 1 scrobble
- when I go to the artist's page I see this:

..... now there are 11 scrobbles ?

- and when I check those particular scrobbles, I see this:

wow ... now there are 3 scrobbles ?!?

So ... who messed up this database in such a horrible way ?!?!?!?
Where does the system reads this informations anyway ?!?

Btw, I am pretty convinced that the last one is really the correct figure (3 scrobbles should be the correct value; not 100% sure, though... )
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Sabrina Ahmed

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All my scrobbles disappeared. What is going on.
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Andreas Vennervald

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It seems like I have some scrobbles missing as well. Apparently I haven't scrobbled anything by U2 or Radiohead this year, and my New Order count is definitely lower.

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