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Hi, some tracks I've listened to in the past half hour aren't showing up on my profile or anywhere on the site (they weren't added to my total plays either), but the desktop app says they're scrobbled. So they're not cached, they're not on the site either, where are they? What gives?

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Posted 4 years ago

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Same here.
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Henry van den Berg

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me 2
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Sharon K

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Happened right after the website March 23rd update. All was great until then.........
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Alexander Zhmurkov

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yep, the same...
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Same for me too
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Btoum Roumada

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Same here, for my desktop app and Cloudscrobble for iOS
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Same for me. :/
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Rafael Torres IV

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Same here, I checked all my apps that support scrobbling and the results are the same 
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Rozalyn Leslie

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They need to stop messing with the site so we can at least have it work for us because all these updates are messing with our playing don't you think?
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Sharon K

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totally agree!
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Same here.  The Scrobbler shows everything I've listened to, but it's not on the site.  And Universal Scrobbler doesn't add them either, even though it says submitted successfully.
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Víctor Rodríguez

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Well, they broke the site again, just wait for the rollback. 
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Is there a way to add the Benny Hill tune to this support forum? This is getting beyond hilarious. Bloody amateurs...
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Matthieu Bourque

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Yeah I have the same issue.
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Layla de Graaf

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uggg same ;-;
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Evan Witten

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Had this issue - waited a bit and they showed. Now it's happening again. Annoying, but you shouldn't actually lose the scrobbles.
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Roni Laukkarinen

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No scrobbles here either. Nothing in status.last.fm. What's up?
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Me too
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Mine showed up about an hour later, but sometimes I need to refresh the page a few times.
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in the library each time showing different information! Bug had appeared after error on the site 

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Avenir Luna

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Seems like there's bug in there...
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Lindsay Kerr

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I'm seriously beginning to wonder why I'm even on this website at all. It's sort of a pointless obsession. Do I really need to record everything I listen to? Well now that it's not working maybe I'll just delete my account and get on with my life...
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My sentiments exactly. I do it out of habit/obsession, and in the back of my mind I want to see if I can listen to a million songs before I die. But when the site simply isn't working, I think about the pointlessness of what I'm trying to do.
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Yea kind of pointless and completely meaningless without scrobbling that works.
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Fran González

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Seems like refreshing the page a couple of times finally shows the latests scrobblings. It's annoying, though.
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Same issue here. The latest scrobblings end up showing after refreshing several times, but then disappear again. There's different information displaying every time I load the page! It's annoying and I hope they fix it soon.
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Realised that none of my tracks played via Spotify app have scrobbled since the 23rd March!!! Soooo frustrating.  It's working fine from iTunes but not Spotify.  Anyone know anything yet?
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Squeaky Fromme

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I "lost" 14 scrobbles that I heard at Spotify today, but something made me check my settings at Spotify, and I noticed that I had become disconnected from Lastfm.  The first 16 songs that I heard counted, but then 14 didn't.  Somehow I got disconnected between those two sets, but I corrected it, and the next song counted in my list.  Oh well.  Seventeen is better than nothing.

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Gláucio Gonçalves

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Same here. I ́m missing a lot of songs daily. Using spotify app and spotify web player. No refreshing solves the issues.

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