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Hello everyone!

Update 27 June 2016: We've now made this beta available to all registered users, no longer just subscribers. Read more about how to use it and what's changed below.


We're currently working on a new version of our music catalogue, and we'd like to hear your feedback on the work we've done so far.

The music catalogue is what we call our database of all the artists, albums and tracks you can find on The new version of the catalogue will allow us to build some cool new features, which we'll talk about later; for now, we've done the following with it:

  • New releases!
  • Better track listings
  • More corrections on albums and tracks
  • Improved release dates and track durations
  • Better Top Albums
  • More playable tracks

In detail:


New releases

If you've been missing any new albums by your favourite artists, they are here now!

We've imported loads of new releases, and they are shown on the website now. This means, they're linked from their artists' albums section, and they have track listings and release dates. Tracks that are on these releases are now connected to them.

Better, cleaner track listings

You know those names such as "Stronger (Album Version (Explicit))" or "Heroes (1999 Digital Remaster)", as seen in the track listings on album pages here?

They'll be a memory of the past soon. We've fixed many of our track listings to no longer show them, but instead show good track names, as we all know and like them.

More corrections on album and track names (not currently available)

There are now more corrections on album and track names, from albums and tracks that are the same as others. For instance, from "release name (LP)" to "release name", or from "track name (Edit)" to "track name".

Update 27 June 2016: We've temporarily disabled new corrections (so you're only seeing corrections that are already in place from the old system), as they've caused problems in user libraries.

Other improvements

This update also improves release date and track duration data, as well as the Top Albums shown on artist pages. You should also be seeing more playable tracks, that is better links to Spotify and YouTube videos.


Go to your settings where you can switch to the new catalogue (and back to the old one). While using the new catalogue, you'll see a notification bar about this on every page.

This is not necessary anymore, as the new catalogue is the default now, and this setting is gone.

Known issues

These are some general issues with the new catalogue, which we are aware of:

  • Some releases show a single release with the same name, instead of the album release (please post examples if you find any)
  • Releases uploaded through our old Music Manager are still missing
  • Some albums show misspelt track names in their track listing (please post examples if you find any)
  • Incorrect new redirections from a valid artist, album or track to another (e.g. artist The Tall Ships → Tall Ships) (please post examples if you find any)
  • Due to new corrections, you may see that the chart positions for artists/albums/tracks in your library have changed (please post any examples where this is wrong)
  • Only the library data of subscribers is in this beta at the moment, so you will see that other users' profiles are empty
  • The library dataset used at the moment was generated about a month ago, so if you've subscribed since then, your profile isn't included at the moment (but will be soon)


We'd love to hear what you think about the new things we've done here, and where you are seeing any issues, so we can go and fix them.

Some ideas on wrong things you might see:

  • Incorrect track listings (too few or too many tracks, wrong albums being shown, ...)
  • Incorrectly spelt track names in track listings

You can post your feedback here in this thread. When you do, please:

  • Describe what you're seeing, and what you're expecting to see
  • Post links to the pages where you're seeing the problem
  • Post links to places that show what's better (e.g. correct album track listings on Wikipedia)

When using the Beta catalogue, you'll also see an option to give feedback on the names of artists, albums and tracks on their pages. Please use this to tell us wherever you come across any names that you think are wrong (or right!).

Thanks a lot for your help :)
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Official Response
Thanks for your feedback everyone.  However with over 500 responses, this thread is starting to become difficult to keep track of.  So after a brief discussion with the team, we've decided to close this thread, and create a new 'catalogue' category on our support forums to help better organise your reports and keep the most common issues together (like capitalisation errors, incorrect redirects, corrections, etc).