Music discovery got even worse.

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It used to show how many plays an artist had in my library when scrolling through my recommended artists. I would use that to see who to skip over since most of them i've listened to before. Are you guys going to bring that back or better yet just not recommend artists that have been played before? It's always confused me why you would repeat artist recommendations on a page aimed at discovery.
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Posted 4 years ago

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the recommending of previously listened to songs/artists has to be one of the most baffling changes with the new site. It truly makes no sense. And of course no word from the people running the site, that would require them to actually care what their users want
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Music discovery algorithm was best thing they had and now even they don't want to use it. I get trending music, wow, I can't find that anywhere else but lastfm. I'm gonna erupt into a tourettes meltdown with this new site.
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They just MESSED UP the MOST USEFUL thing on the site! Like a fe other things also! And a tons of other things and misses.
But recommending artist with new version is absolute failure. The have opton to Play simmilar artist, so how can e play something that isn't connected to the site? And others we already have in libraries?
the changes are ridiculous. And pointed only for MAINSTREAM purposes. That way New artists or Indie artists won't get ANY recognizing... sad but true.
If OLD version won't be back this is the end for good old music discovering and storing site... x....x
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Most of us that are on a site like are probably not looking for the trendy music anyways.  I always liked finding obscure music on here, but it seems would rather go in a more corporate direction. And I doubt any of us have any need to be reminded of music we are already familiar with.
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SoupAndButter!  I've loved that picture for years.
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Wait, how do I get to my recommended artists? I can't find that page. The only thing I see is to "play your recommendations" which is not useful for me since I play my music on an unsupported streaming service and on my phone, while using on my computer.
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Go to your recommendations page, go to the tabs, click on artists.
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Oh, I see. I had to click on the logo. I had been using my profile page as my main page and didn't even notice that other page when you click on the logo.

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But there isn't RECOMMENDATION BY ARTIST. If We don't need whole recommendation but of SImmilar artist we listen or check up at the moment?. x...x
and on the main page I got mixed albums and artists for recommend so confusing and blured out...
mfg I just can't I am crying... this isn't music listening site... bunch of hipster's fancy circus of nothing..
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I don't need to be reminded of a song I've scrobbled 23 times.

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