New website, okay, that's fine, BUT, song title - artist HAS TO GO!

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Music purists everywhere are cringing at the idea of song title - artist. Myself included. Petty, yes, but kind of a huge deal to someone who sees music as their life and thus Last.FM as a big part of that venture. 
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Posted 4 years ago

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My first thought exactly.
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I agree. Who thought this could ever be a good idea?
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I couldn't agree more. I could forgive everything else (like using more space to show fewer things), but this format needs to be changed back immediately. It looks so wrong when you listen to an album and the artist isn't a singular column, but instead the name is in any horizontal place depending on the song.
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Agreed. Needs to be Artist - Song Title. This is one of a hundred fixes that needs to be done,, so let's get a move on this one at least.
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Gave this feedback many months ago when they were testing the site.  I'm sure most others dd too, yet here it is still.  Switch it back.  Nobody gets excited when they know I listed to "Theme From A Summer Place'!  They want to know which version of it!
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Seriously, how fucking basic is this.
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Official Response
Hi all, thanks for your feedback.

We made the decision to switch the order to "track - artist" on the new site to prevent long track titles from getting cut off in certain places e.g. the Top Tracks chart on your profile page. It is often more useful to be able to read the full track title and only part of the artist name when track titles are long, rather than the full artist name and only part of the track title when artist names are long.

However, we are listening to your feedback and have heard a lot of users saying they don't like this change. As a result, we are considering different solutions that would allow us to switch back to the "artist - track" style.
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On the truncating of long song names issue, the reason given for this artist name second configuration. Yes song titles generally tend to be longer than artist names however what are people more likely to recognise, song titles or artist names? when you ask someone what music they listen to what are they more likely to answer with: a list of song titles or a list of artists? Artist name is the more pertinent information and so should be first.

For example Taylor Swift is an artist I'm unfamiliar with and so I couldn't tell you the names of any of her songs. I have however heard of her and have heard her music on the radio. But if those song names were quite long and I visited someone's page and looked at what they were listening to I might need to click about a bit to discover this as the long song titles have caused the artist name to become clipped.

Either way artist song or song artist, if the song title is long enough then something will be truncated. So swapping them round hasn't solved this truncation problem. And it is better that the song title becomes truncated than the artist name because this is the more pertinent information when it comes to communicating what someone is listening to. And Last fm is a site that communicates what people are listening to. So artist name must come first.

If there are certain places where the artist name next to each song title is redundant, for example the list of top tracks by an artist on that artist's page then in that case don't display the artist name. In this way the song title is less likely to be clipped.

But whatever. The text truncating problem has been solved by a technique called text-wrapping.
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How about artist names getting cut off?
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Firstneim Lastneim

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How about artist names getting cut off?
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I actually like the track-artist sequence, please keep it
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Wasn't nonsense every other music site can deal with the long track names needs to deal with them -- like mouse hoover over. Most sites that deal with music list Artist first then track name. Most file names when you purchase the track are artist - track title. It is very confusing to do otherwise. This is the section that I hate most -- the library as the only sort method is by Date. Should be able to sort by Artist and maybe track.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Please change the format back to "Artist - Song", this "Song - Artist" format is ....

Like the title said. It's much more organised when you list it the way it used to be. Just look at this,

New version:
Home Away From Here (Acoustic) — Make Do and Mend
Tell Me — Make Do and Mend
Don't — Make Do and Mend
Begging For the Sun to Go Down — Make Do and Mend
I Dont Wonder At All — Make Do and Mend
Don't Be Long — Make Do and Mend
Safe — Kevin Devine
For Eugene — Kevin Devine
I Don't Care About Your Band — Kevin Devine
Somewhere Unoccupied — Kevin Devine

Old Version:
Make Do and Mend — Home Away From Here (Acoustic)
Make Do and Mend — Tell Me
Make Do and Mend — Don't
Make Do and Mend — Begging For the Sun to Go Down
Make Do and Mend — I Dont Wonder At All
Make Do and Mend — Don't Be Long
Kevin Devine — Safe
Kevin Devine — For Eugene
Kevin Devine — I Don't Care About Your Band
Kevin Devine — Somewhere Unoccupied
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I agree. It's like they never considered how is it to use how is it to scrobble? how is it to store music? how is it to recommend music? how is it to enjoy music with people who have simmilar taste? how is it to care for library? this new version is just a proof how can be bad and awful change without basic knowledge. x.x
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Your post clearly shows how moronic was the choice to change to song - artist

/facepalm x 3
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artist - title in your example is indeed more readable.

But how about:

    Track 1
    Track 2
    Track 3
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And that's why I also preferred for the album cover to show up beside it.
For those who still didn't know: If you set an "album artist" in your file's tags, all the tracks will be credited to the same album. Most of the time, that album artist should be "Various Artists", but there are exceptions like albums with guest tracks.
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i like this set up too.
def need ' artist - track ' back tho
for the sake of everyone's sanity
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okay so you see the issue here and I will disagree that the song title is more important. Whenever the title or artist name was really long there'd just be two lines for it? I didn't mind that? As you can see in my post that was merged with this thread it's much more organised to list Artist - Song. 
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Hi, if you use Firefox, install greasemonkey and then use this script
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Thank you, this is a great relief but hopefully not something we'll need to be using forever.
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Nice post. Will check out later. Should just be a retained site feature instead of a script, though.
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BRING OLD LAST.FM BACK - Sign the petition:

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Honestly, I was annoyed that this petition existed at first. Seemed like you were all jumping the gun. Then I see crap like this:    The same song, spelled exactly the same, has been split in two. Clicking both lead to the same page...only 130 plays. It's insane.
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I'd much rather have a song title get cut off for being too long over this Song - Artist format. It's completely bizarre and unnatural looking. And this is coming from somebody who listens to a lot of classical music with rather long song titles, many of which DO get cut off...It's not a big deal to me. Please please please reverse this change.
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Tell me about it. This is fucking retarded, can't even see the artist name on some:
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The solution for is incredibly simple: just make the font smaller and/or pick a more condensed font (like Roboto for example). This title - artist format is plain terrible, especially for those that usually listen to albums.
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Gmail had the same complaints after a re-theme,  so they provided a choice of viewing modes.  

It's a difficult problem.  I'm using the Spotify desktop client on Windows, and it's horrible, unless my nose is right next to the screen.  Plus the UI is quite nasty (e.g. how to get to the play queue? etc.). 

But sometimes a condensed text list is just fine.  I'd rather that most of the time.  Example: recommendations on the home page,  I now can't read what is there easily at all.   But if I'm sitting across the room listening to something, I'm more likely to want a 10ft display of what is playing now.

I usually just check the artist bio, and skim read a few comments on songs I like/or new to, and sometimes post a remark.  But we all have different use cases.
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Alin: That's not a good solution. There's another thread on here about how the new design has made the site less accessible to people with visual impairments. Shrinking the font would make that worse.

And you can't assume that everybody will have a certain font. For example, I use a desktop running Linux, a laptop running Windows 10, and an iPhone. All of those ship with different default fonts, none of which are Roboto.
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This is one of the most fucked up changes tbh.
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the MOST AWFUL, STUPID, UNORGANIZED, NOT FUNCTIONAL CHANGE EVER! just became a one step away from utmost garbage of scrobble site. And sorry. not scrobble, since scrobbles now don't work! so step away from utmost garbage site.
Changes aren't even.. It's like someone who never used made this stupid layout and platform without functionality! most great features for what I used are GONE now with new version. What's the point in using then if it became just any average music site out there? now we don't have LIBRARIES, JOURNALS, SIDEBAR, INFO about ALBUMS AND TRACKS which aren't connected to Spotify or other Eu/Usa sources.. TOO MUCH BLANK SPACE.
TOO WIDE AND HUGE FONT! for the sake of it's like we all have problems with sight! T_T we use PC version so why it looks like we're on  mobile phone. For info which was stored on ONE visible page, NOW we NEED TO SCROLL DOWN for ages to get some info.
NO INBOX, NO RECOMMEND... nothing left which made for us lolay users to adore it and use for storing our music taste learn something new and socialize with others who wanted to know more about music and us.
This is one COLD stupid plain version which totally shouldn't be used. OR at least, let it be we can chose to use OLD or NEW version. 
you'll see that most% of users will switch back to old one.

I am not bragging about changes. I love changes. I love inovation. But this isn't inovation. It isn't change. This is shit. could never be called music scrobbling and storing site ever again if you put that new version as default.

And be sure that many users like me who are sticking with for more than 6 years and have libraries with over 6000 artists and over `100 000 scrobbles will just leave the site. 
Because, what's the purpose of site which can't serve the needs of users? We like music. And new version just doesn't make it available.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Scrobble naming format is broken..

On user pages, the naming format for scrobbles is %song - %artist instead of %artist - %song. I can't imagine this being done on purpose, so I'm reporting this as a bug. 
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It must be related to mass marketing. The masses, NOT users, buy tracks not albums or artists. CBS is "mass media" and big data and marketing....  Pesky old artists are less important than tracks that sell.
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You can use this in the meantime:

A user in the comments has also made a script to change the profile picture back to rectangular.
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This is one of the changes that I was able to acclimate to easily.
I prefer 'Song' - 'Artist'.

I hope there's an option that allows users to choose which style they prefer while browsing the website from their own account.
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Exactly, add this to the user's preferences, problem solved. Now to address the tons of other problems.
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I think you're the first person to say they like it like this. Can you explain why you prefer it?
The argument for Artist first is that listening to the same one more than once makes it a nice even column, and like the ISO standard for time is Year-Month-Day and Hour-Minute-Second it makes sense to arrange music the same way so Artist-Album-Song.
The argument for Song first is???
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Yes, please change this back to artist - title. (Or give the user a choice which format he prefers.) Thanks.
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This. I was hoping to get more options with the new site, but instead we get less. 
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This is simple, just imagine your friends asking you 'What are you listening to?'. So first thing you say is the Artist's name, then the rest (album's name or a track) not the other way around. 
So, dear, don't try changing universal ways of how people organize and 'read' music. The first, most important information is the Artist and then, after this, album's name and at the end, the track's title. it's been like that since before scrobbling.
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SO MUCH THIS. It seems like a tedious complaint but come on. From an aesthetic standpoint this switch looks incredibly unappealing and awkward.
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Holy shit, there's an actual reply about this from the staff! After a mere two months of the exact same criticism from like EVERYONE, on the old forum. I even dare call it a pretty reasonable argument for this change. See,, how hard was that?

I still absolutely hate it though... fortunately there's something called scripts.
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sattelklaus .

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Definitely need the possibility to display it in usual fashion (like in pretty much every music player). Artist - track makes more logical sense, too - going from rough to fine (artist -> album (not displayed) - > track). It's pretty much how it works everywhere, biology, beer, cars, ... .

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