New website, okay, that's fine, BUT, song title - artist HAS TO GO!

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Music purists everywhere are cringing at the idea of song title - artist. Myself included. Petty, yes, but kind of a huge deal to someone who sees music as their life and thus Last.FM as a big part of that venture. 
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Posted 5 years ago

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Yeah this new song and artist format is totally unnatural. In the old version, if a song title was too long to read you just hovered your cursor over it to read the full title. Simple. Easy. Intuitive.
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I hate it, the OCD especially does since I like order in my library (Every song is Artist - Song.mp3 on my drive), so please have it an option for those who hate Song - Artist format.
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Two weeks later and nothing new... Fix it,!
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considering the fact they make us all use spotify, and spotify player appears on top of the page whenever we use it with ARTIST -> SONG TITLE order this change makes even less sense and is confusing  
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"Official Response
Hi all, thanks for your feedback.
We made the decision to switch the order to "track - artist" on the new site to prevent long track titles from getting cut off in certain places...

However, we are listening to your feedback and have heard a lot of users saying they don't like this change. As a result, we are considering different solutions that would allow us to switch back to the "artist - track" style."

That's how OFFICIAL "F*CK OFF" looks now! Enjoy ladies and gentlemen!
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Yeah now the song title doesn't get cut off but the artist name does haha.
Anyway yeah this song title - artist name really messes with my o.c.d
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I find the reason given for this change frankly unbelievable. The thing is this is not some massive coding deal as a simple addition to the user settings enabling a switch of layout should be well within the abilities of the coders.  If it's not then there is not much hope for the rest of site.  Perhaps it will come down to priorities and in a few months or years this may become an available option.  Going on past experience I won't be holding my breath for anything soon. However one always looks to being surprised and who knows maybe they will offer even greater control in this area.
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Just an idea:
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It's fixed as of today!!  WOO HOO!!!
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Thank you very much Last.FM for listening to your users! I very much appreciate all the support from the user base as well as your willingness to take constructive criticism and do the right thing. Thank you again!

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