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Steve Kiai

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Posted 4 years ago

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A lot of angry messages. Users do not like it. The first to respond are those who actively use. Sorry, the developers do not understand.
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They didn't care about the feedback they got in the beta feedback threads, and they won't care about this. is committed to this design. They already paid for it. They're going to use it whether we like it or not. They have made it quite clear that they don't care about their users.
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What a butt ugly fucking retarded profile page i now have. Jesus fuck.
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@andodouglas thanks for making me laugh hysterically despite me sharing your feelings. X:::D
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Well, you might be quite right, solar_bridge. Let's just wait and see how it works out for them in the long run. If user numbers drop (significantly), they will have to act – or leave to die...
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I agree.
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Steve Kiai

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buuuuumpin' ^^
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Signed. I have yet to see a single user saying they like this new mess of a design.
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First Last

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Any nice aspects that beta site has is overpowered by the lack of functionality. It's so sad.
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Trey Ryan Hendricks

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Yeah fucking right..
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Michael Cutler

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just got over the 500 mark, keep em coming!
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First Last

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I'm hoping we get enough signatures that maybe HuffPost or Slashdot picks it up.
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I wonder what "Acknowledge" actually means. As in, "We know it exists but who cares?" or "We know it exists and we might use this as ammunition against CBS."

I'm hoping it's the later. I think any user on this site as long as some of us have been (eight years current profile, nine years overall here) will know that the staff used to be on point.
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Just signed it, I was fucking bemused when I saw the new design. It's a mess, and like others have said it is akin back to Myspace. A highly usebale site completly raped and made nearly unusable. And we all know what happened to that site. For the love of god, why bring out a site then tell us all it will take a few weeks/months to be finished in the first place. I wouldn't buy a new car with no breaks in it and use it till it got new breaks a month down the line. Way to show the people who use the site you give a toss about them.
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Have you seen how many ads there are on the new site, specifically my profile!?
I bet someone got a promotion and a large bonus for the "great" idea of removing the "About Me" section and filling it up with ads for the time being.
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1213 signatures on the petition now.  If each of those were a $3/mo. subscriber, they would represent $43,668 in annual revenue.  That just about pays the salary of one of the useless, clueless, lazy developers here.  And for every user that signed the petition, there are probably several who didn't and just stopped using the site.

Nobody is really saying NOT to rebuild the website; we'd all like a fresher, newer, better site.  

All we are asking is to WAIT until you finish the job before switching over.  Just flick the switch and let us use the old site a little longer until the new one is functional.

Until this happens, there will continue to be an exodus, and more revenue lost.  

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