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Okay, I've officially have had it with you You guys pushed it way too far this time and I just can't take it anymore. I know why you guys need ads. You need them to keep the site running. I get it. I admit that I've been using adblock this entire time. In fact, I DON'T WANT to use adblock! I actually don't mind seeing ads on pages. I want you guys to get the money because I care about If it means keeping the site running then by all means keep the ads going...but I HAVE to use adblock.

You guys want to know why I have to use adblock? This is why:

Can someone please explain to me why we need to have this gigantic, space wasting ad on the top of the page like this? It's not even a tiny ad, it's HUGE. It takes up so much space.

I like to leave my profile opened sometimes when I'm listening to music. Don't know why but I like keeping an eye on my profile as my music is scrobbling. Maybe that makes me weird, but I can promise you I can't be the only one that does this. Now, I can't even do that when I have these obnoxious ads taking up half the page. I made a thread about this months ago but of course, like always, I was ignored by staff and it was something that was never looked into.

Why can't we just stick to having ads at the bottom of the page or side? Why have them in this area? It's just a huge distraction and is completely unnecessary.

Now, it's either deal with that or this:

Is this notification always popping up aggravating? Of course it is, but you know what? I literally would rather have this pop up every time then have you guys get money off of ads that take up the whole page. Honestly, I lose both ways, so I'd rather click close every time and actually be able to look at my page then look at a huge ad I don't care about. Like, all you guys have to do is put an ad like this just about anywhere else that doesn't cause clutter for a user's profile. To me, it doesn't seem like it would be that much of an issue.

Why not just get rid of this crap?

I can promise you this is something we don't need, and I would rather this be taken up by ads then links I'm never going to bother clicking on.

Oh, and you may suggest to me, "well just become a subscriber if you don't want ads."

Well, why should I? What is the point? Oh cool, I don't have to see ads, then that is definitely a pro, but that's literally all being a subscriber has to offer. Oh boy, I get early access to new features! Like it'll make a difference if I use something now or wait a few more weeks/months. Besides, what features are there to even use? If you guys want to take so long to add back the old missing features, is there even anything else 'new' to begin with? A little discount on merchandise I wasn't planning on buying anyways? So that's it, that's all I get? Maybe if you guys still offered the radio then that would be more of a draw in, but ever since you guys got rid of that there's really no point in being a subscriber. I know it's only $36 for a whole year, but honestly, I'd rather spend my money on literally anything else, than on a site that: implemented an unfinished beta with tons of missing features, intentionally avoids communicating with its users (especially when we usually just ask simple questions), makes sure every >monthly< update is as tiny as possible, and is just all around lazy and doesn't really care that much about the user base.

I would like to believe you guys do, and maybe you actually do. BUT, I feel if you guys did, things would not be taking as long as it has been since, you know, it's been about 14 months now since the beta has been forced out. Even if things need to take this long, why not talk to us anyways? I can promise you we wouldn't be as mad if you guys bothered to talk to us some more and keep us more updated on progress.

Sorry to go on a big rant, especially since there's a good chance this won't be looked into, but I had to say it anyways because I'm sure there's at least one other person who agrees with me on this.

If you guys want me to disable my adblock, get rid of the huge ads at the top of the page. All you have to do is move them somewhere else, very little coding should be involved with this. If you guys want me to subscribe, offer more useful benefits. If you thought having an annoying message would make me cave in, think again. Until then, I guess I have to click 'close' on that notification from now on.
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Official Response
If you're having problems with the popup appearing after whitelisting, try refreshing the page. If this doesn't work please let me know what browser + adblocker version you're using and we'll look into it.