Release dates off by one day on some new albums

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Has anyone else noticed new albums appearing with an incorrect release date? I just wanted to document it here in case anything can be done about it.

I released my debut full-length album on 22nd May. imported it before I'd even entered it into MusicBrainz, so it must've been pulled from iTunes or Amazon. However, as far as I can find, is the only website that incorrectly displays the release date as 21st May. I'm quite particular with my data online so it's slightly irritating:

With a bit of searching I see that mine's not the only one. For example, Cursed by Wolf Wizard released 18th Dec:
Appears on as as 17th Dec:

Lakshmi Lullabies by Noelani Love released 20th Mar 2017:
Appears on as 19th Mar 2017:
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Posted 1 year ago

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Perhaps there was some timezone differences when the upload was done?

And in what time zone does the time display? UTC, ...?

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It's probably a timezone change applied by mistake, but then it's weird that it hasn't affected more albums. Also, the last album I linked is from a US artist. You'd think a timezone change would only go in the forward direction from there.

For a digital release, suppliers give stores a date only, not a time. So the 22nd is a fixed number like a birthday. I think some sites like Amazon localise to their websites (US or UK), while iTunes localises to the customer's country, and Bandcamp localises to the artist (one New Zealand band has their Bandcamp organised around US currency so I couldn't buy until the evening in NZ time). But everybody gets the album at 0:00 on the 22nd with respect to some territory. is the only website that changed the number (well, actually Facebook milestones & life events have a bug where they display both, haha).
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I don't remember this example, but one time I also found album with -1 day in release date. I don't give attention to such things, but I remember this one time.
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Thanks for the heads-up, we've seen this too and it's already being tracked as a bug :)

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Well .. this bug manifested itself again, on this new album:

Correct release date is 31 August, not 30 August as appears on these albums !

I just checked album availability on all major sources: Google Music, Apple Music, Amazon ... all have this album as pre-order still, because it will be released tomorrow (31 August) !
I did a pre-order for the album on Google Music, and of course it was not yet delivered (as expected) :-)

So ... I guess no one had the time to address this.