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It has been over 24 hours since the last official announcement, and almost as long since the last official reply on these forums. This despite being in the middle of rolling out the biggest change to the site in a decade and facing a lot of genuine outrage.

You might think that any reply will fuel the fire under a cauldron filled with "everything sucks, bring back the old site, corporate sellouts" and you might be right, but a lot of the concerns and questions are legitimate and deserve a reply. Most importantly:

1. Clearing up confusion surrounding missing functionality (forums, taste-o-meter, etc.)
a)  what functionalities are missing due to the "migrating of systems and data from the old site to the new"?
b) what is missing because it is not complete?
c) what is missing because it is discontinued?

2. Progress
a) How long until we see the site that you intended? (when is the migration of systems and data expected to be complete?)
b) What is the time horizon for reintroducing the functionalities "1b"?
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This, so much this. 
Most people are angry because suddenly pretty much everything they liked on the website is missing, and they have no idea how long till, or even IF, they return. It's this uncertainty more than anything that's causing this backlash, if you released this info I'm sure a lot of people would calm down. 
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It likely won't return. Basic elements will likely come back (editing, liking). But that's about it. Don't get your hopes up. The staff isn't to be trusted.
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since their 'INOVATION' is NOT useful at all. and complains are everywhere, especially from old users and subscribers, THEY SHOULD INCLUDE CHOICE OPTION for those who WANT TO USE OLD VERSION. x.x
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It would be nice with an option like that.
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Or just take a look at their beta poll and see that 90% of users are not satisfied with this site, meaning it's pointless to keep it over the previous version.
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Sorry for BUMPing my own thread, but providing an answer to these questions should be quite straightforward and would do away with a lot of confusion.
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I would be happy if we could at least export our old data (especially the scrobbles) so they won't be gone in case turns for the worse. And, yes, an answer from staff members would behighly appreciated!
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What good will it do? They didn't bother to listen to any of the feedback so it's better for them to stay silent through this and i doubt they are even reading any of this, because they know that is doomed.


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OMG!!!!!!! where da fuck are my "hairy chest" tags??!?!?! 
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Thanks Donyvi for inviting me to comment here in this thread. I am happy to do so.

To the officials:

Why was the transition to beta so abrupt?

Last year when you decided to stop streaming service via radio and announced other changes to subscriptions you gave us three month's notice. I got my first in mid-January via the yellow notice bar.

Why was no such announcement given for the new format?

Why did it not include details of the changes: the features that were to be removed and the so-called improvements to be found in the new format? I'm not talking about all the slick PR in the opening page for the beta site. Real substance. Real information.

The proper procedure for beta testing is to have a fairly stable working version and invite beta-testers "to take it around the block for a spin".

These people would have been volunteers with the option to revert to the old format if they found it unstable or unsuitable.

You invited us (the subscribers) to explore the "new and improved" format beginning in late April.

However you gave us a version which was mostly dead, non-interactive and did not contain current info from our profiles. It was not a genuine viable beta version.

My experience of exploring this format was like trying to test drive a new car that had no gas, no petrol.

And over the course of four months there was never any movement toward life, no "fuel". Nothing changed except the recent tracks displayed and the play counter but always from weeks or months past.

Then without warning you launched the site as originally designed on every users at on the morning of August 17.

You had obviously disregarded the feedback which many of us spent precious time offering because we care about and want to see it survive and thrive.

But how can it unless you are willing to deliver the service we have come to rely on from features that have proven to be staples, improving others which deserved a revamp and adding new ones? 

Your new format does not do this. I see no actual improvements. I see no new features. I see degradation. What I do see very clearly is almost all of the staples are gone with little hope of return.

Were your motives and intentions to take in a new direction?

Do you want to shift it off its foundation as one of the first social networking sites in existence and the only at the time dedicated to love of music and to gives users means to form communities and way share this love with others of like-mind?

Then please be honest and say so!

And tell us what you envision.Tell us "the plan".

Please come forth and address our concerns and answer our questions!

The longer you linger in silence the more damage you are doing to the reputation of the company in the press, in the social media forums and more crucially to the faith of your most loyal users. 

Signed: user qbaliqh at
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Thank you for posting this Donyvi . Very rational and reasonably stated request. I am eagerly awaiting an answer from staff.
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No reply from staff after four days. Shocker.
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They don't give a sh*t... I will wait 1 month and if there's no change I won't be back.
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What really bothers me the most, is the fact they just put out a website that's completely non-functional, without any announcement beforehand, without paying attention to any feedback on the beta before and now threaten us it will take MONTHS!!!!!!! before everything might work properly again and we might get several of the missing functions back. Dudes, it's actually no wonder, lastFM isn't earning money, when they need spend it on most obviously the wrong developers who don't know what they are doing.
Everything I used lastfm for is GONE completely. And by what I can sum up from all topics on here, these things won't be back the way I want them to be, if at all. And I am not willing to wait MONTHS!!! to see if they used their second chance.

Lack of communication, lack of interest in users, lack in paying attention to feedback - they don't care about what we want at all.

If here are really skilly developers, please step over to and rebuilt the we used to love!
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I'm sorry that everything you used lastfm for is gone completely. I used it mainly for scrobbling and looking at stats.

In an attempt to answer the questions I posed in this thread, I made this thread: (sort of an overview on what features are coming back). It turned out that staff had made lots of information known, but that it was buried in 300 threads.
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There hasn't been a staff update for almost 2 days. Either they're releasing something big like the groups or something, or they're having a "delay". For some reason I'm thinking it's the latter.
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  • 19 Posts
  • 24 Reply Likes has always been terrible at communicating back and has always been slow at fixing issues, these are not new developments and go a long way to explaining why the website is dying.  Less stats, less customization, and I cant even scrobble anymore but sadly I have been here long enough to know the solutions wont come for months and months IF they come at all.

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