Restore accidentally deleted scrobbles

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I have seen other users asking similar questions without any answer, so I actually don't have that much hope to "get satisfaction" from this, but rather to add to my frustration, but well...
In the mobile version has happened to me a couple of times that i am in the library page (list of scrobbles ), and when I click to go to next page, accidentally I press the link to delete the last scrobble of the list. This is because the banner on top of the page takes a bit longer to load and the position of the link changes. So the scrobble gets deleted without even asking if I am sure and without offering any option to undo it (that I have seen). So basically a wrong accidental click can delete an scrobble without much notice. I have searched and I see that in the past there was a playground page to undelete scrobbles, but the page is not available.

Is there any way I can restore them? I am afraid it has happened to others without noticing.

I am a developer and I have a say in the strategy of the business i work for, and while I don't mind the new design, it doesn't enter my head that such a change in your website was put into production missing so many of the old functionalities, even basic ones, and taking months (if ever) to bring them back. It is a very very poor business movement and i am afraid it will dig your grave, something i would hate.

Also, before the forum worked as a community, and I would find solutions quick. Now this is like the spotify one, everybody complains and nobody answers.

Even though I like the new website look and some functionalities, i think it is totally arguable that the experience is worse than before, without a doubt.
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Posted 3 years ago

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Bumping this as I'm really hoping that the tool to restore certain scrobbles will come back. Any update with this?
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Bump. How has something this obvious not been addressed?

Guess why I don't feel the least bit guilty about using an ad blocker... 
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is there a possibility to restore scrobbles that I deleted about a month ago? 
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I'm very sorry but it's not currently possible to recover historically deleted scrobbles at this time. 
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Official Response
I've written a ticket to undo recently deleted scrobbles (i.e. while you're still on the page), to prevent unwanted / accidental deletions when using the mobile site.
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Any updates on this? There still is no way to undo accidentally deleting scrobbles.
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Kind of -- no undo option yet, but we've just pushed an update (release notes) that replaces the X with a menu, which should hopefully reduce the chances of deleting tracks on mobile by mistake.
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Unfortunately the warning/disclaimer asking if you want to remove a track is gone. Simply pressing delete will remove it from the scrobbling history, and apparently deleted scrobbles cant be undone. Is there any way to bring back the confirmation if you want to delete a selected track? I accidentally deleted 4 tracks from the same button used to set current obsessions